GGPoker prepares to launch ‘Smart Betting’; sick ambassadorial hierarchy


The GGPoker Network prepares to launch ‘Smart Betting; an automated betting system for mobile, and we take a look at the burgeoning network’s ambassadorial hierarchy.

ggpoker-prepares-to-launch-smart-betting-sick-ambassadorial-hierarchyThe GGPoker Network continues to gouge at the eyes of its competitors with another technological innovation waking from its deep slumber.

A few flip-flop footsteps ago, Jean-Christophe Antoine and his team announced the contemporary ‘Early Bird Bubble Protection’ to their masses. The dust still causes a sneeze or two, and yet GGPoker’s patriots are getting another stim shot to the arm.

The latest creation from GGPoker’s laboratory is called ‘Smart Betting.’ Aimed at the people who play poker ostensibly on their mobile device, the new initiative helps reduce betting thinking time.

The man in charge of the technology department should take a bow.

I hated it when my coach asked: “Why did you bet that much?” Had GGPoker’s ‘Smart Betting’ option been available back in my day, I would have had an answer.

GGPoker uses an algorithm to remember your betting patterns. When you have a betting decision, artificial intelligence (AI) provides you with a series of betting options. The AI can also suggest optimal betting options, irrespective of your previous behaviour.

Jean-Christophe Antoine, Head of GGNetwork, said: ‘Smart Betting is going to make playing Poker on mobile way easier and smoother. It’s always a hassle to type the amount you want to bet or be accurate with bet sliders, so you now have the option to use Smart Betting if you like it!”

The new idea is like the sun, to me. It’s lovely, and I much prefer it to the rain, but it can also give me cancer. On the one hand, I like the idea of not having to fiddle with bet sliders on a mobile device. I also love that someone in GGPoker’s ‘innovation department,’ has thought of a great way to maximise value for their customers.

On the flip side, it opens the door to, even more, AI-controlled options for poker players. How long will it be before it’s not humans versus humans but humans-bot hybrids versus humans-bot hybrids (or, are we already there?). I envision people allowing the AI to do the work similar to the old folks sitting in front of slot machines, watching the reels go round.

Twitch partners and GG grinders

Unless you’ve spent the past few years living in a padded cell. Or been quarantined suffering from the plague. Or, perhaps, shivering in a log cabin stuck underneath an avalanche. You’ll know that Bryn Kenney is GGPoker’s primary in your face, ambassador.

What you may not know (I didn’t until this morning, but that means nothing, as I don’t know whether the sun revolves around the earth or vice versa), is there is more depth to the process.

Several wizards and witches are sitting below Kenney in the GGPoker pecking order. The first hierarchical rung is where the GGGrinders sit. There are ten of them, and their role is to play on GGPoker while streaming on Twitch. Jamila von Perger is amongst the ten.

Should these folks impress Jean-Christophe Antoine and the team then the next step is a position in the GG Stream Team. There are currently six players wearing these stripes: Darius Wajda, Torsten Brinkmann, Nils Bom, Tudor Stefan, Karlen Aladzjan, and George Davidson.

It seems the Lone Wolf does have a pack after all.