iGaming Idol Awards names prestigious women as judges

iGaming Idol Awards names prestigious women as judges

iGaming Idol Awards names prestigious women as judgesThe iGaming Idol Awards is less than a month away, and in preparation for this gala event, the event committee announced who will be judging nominees related to specific categories. The event, set for September 11 at the InterContinental Arena, will have 47 judges to help determine winners in nearly 19 categories.

It is an impressive list of judges, indeed. These 31 men and 16 women come from various walks of the gambling world, including casino dealers, compliance and regulated markets officials, copywriters, customer service leaders, developers, and much more. The fact that 16 women were chosen is significant, as this year’s event has a nearly 50-50 split between men and women nominees.

Two sets of categories for judges contain only women. This includes the casino dealer group as well as office management set. Office management includes Fiona Ewins Brown, who has 20 years of experience working in HR in Australia, the U.K, and Malta. The Chief HR officer at Catena Media has worked with some of the most highly successful organizations on the planet, including Morgan Stanley. She joins Avril Morin, who is the HR Business Partner at Gaming Innovation Group (GiG). She has nine years of management experience.

From the casino dealer group comes Svetlana Birca, Valentina Pirnau, and Annabelle Galea. Galea has over 19 years of experience in casino operations, including the last 10 in online gaming. Birca has been at Dragonara Gaming Limited since 2010 and has become an essential part of the top management team at the company. Pirnau is the CRM manager of Casino Malta, where she has been part of the management team since 2015.

Of the 16 categories of judges, 10 have at least one woman represented. This includes two in the compliance and regulated markets category and two in the copywriter category.

A relative newcomer is Maria Sayapina, who is the head of SEO at Raketech. While only in her position for a short time, she has risen through the ranks quickly and has proven herself to be one of the most successful innovators in terms of search engine optimization. She has created programs that have saturated markets across the U.S, Scandinavia, the U.K, and Russia. It is her expertise in the development of digital marketing that makes her a truly worthy choice.

Also of note is Kristina Hambardzumyan, who is the regional director Malta. Hambardzumyan has over 15 years of management experience in areas such as sales, accounting, marketing, and content. She truly brings a diverse background as a judge but is one whose competency has been proven beyond measure.>

To learn more about the event, check out www.igamingidol.com to see the judges, event details, categories, and everything else you’d want to know about the iGaming Idol Awards.