Valentyn Kyrylenko: Plug and play iFrame changes the game


Operators looking to buy into a platform typically want the easiest setup possible, and thankfully, the technology is getting better all the time. Platform provider Betinvest is an innovator in this field, and its vice president of business development, Valentyn Kyrylenko, joined’s Stephanie Tower to discuss their latest offerings.

Kyrylenko was excited to talk about iFrame, the latest product from Betinvest, and a new leap forward in making life easier for operators. “We try to give the customers the chance to test our products and to do it the fastest way possible,” he said. “So this year there are quite a few new products which we brought to the exhibition, and one of those products is iFrame. The main reason for providing iFrame is to give the chance to those operators who’d like to run sportsbook to do it in a day or two. They don’t run any additional cost, and they can do it quite efficiently.”

What is iFrame? Well, it’s a little bit more sophisticated than the html tag that barely works anymore. “Well that’s our general sportsbook, wrapped up in an iFrame technology,” he said, but let him continue. “So what it means for the operator is that he can do the integration via API and the sportsbook runs on the Betinvest site rather than the operator site, which is much more convenient for anyone who has an already running platform.”

This leaves the operator to only worry about managing their customers, while Betinvest largely takes care of the rest. “The main advantage is saving time, because you just need to test any market for the best available products, and iFrame just gives you extra time to do things faster,” he explained. “So with the same sportsbook, you have the same technology but in an iFrame wrapper. So you can integrate it fast, you save time to test other products, and if it works for you, it just stays. If it doesn’t, you just move to some other products.”

Tower asked Kyrylenko what else Betinvest has coming down the pipe, and they’ve been focused on regionalization, it seems. “Well, I guess that our biggest achievement for Asian show is an Asian view for our sportsbook,” he said. “So what we try to do is provide the customized solution for every region, and Asia is very specific in that regard. That’s why we spent almost a year to tweak our products to locals like it.”