Table Tennis from BetInvest. The next step in our quest to conquer the sports betting market!


As the experience of last year has shown, our hopes and plans can be dashed in an instant. Covid restrictions exposed how ill-prepared businesses were to cope with the new normal. Right now, we can’t even be certain that there is an end in sight in terms of the pandemic and the associated restrictions. It is therefore a daring time to take the risk of trying to develop online industry and bring it to a new level. BetInvest, however, is offering “All inclusive” content for sports betting operators and providers in the form of table tennis matches under the brand name “Winners Leagues”.


We are offering an alternative that will help operators to boost their content, with no risk of matches being postponed or cancelled as these table tennis matches are held in a secure environment following all the necessary Covid restrictions. BetInvest is committed to client orientation and content production, so you can be sure of the quality and relevance of the content we provide. The table tennis solution being offered by BetInvest, the leading betting and iGaming services provider, is not merely one match or one-off content, but a whole package of organised match streaming, scouting, and data feed provision services.

The “Winners Leagues” table tennis matches are intense, adrenaline-filled and highly competitive, involving professional players ranked highly in the Ukrainian Federation of Table Tennis rankings and whose skills are recognized by national table tennis associations. With over 8,000 matches a month, or approximately 250 matches a day, the table tennis content solution will be the optimal way to develop your business and take it to the next level.

BetInvest is a full-cycle gambling and betting software provider with a wealth of experience in the betting market. This is an international company with a proven ability to develop and provide cutting-edge sports betting solutions. Twenty years of experience, 350 traders, 260 IT specialists, 140 risk managers and 100 customer service managers enable BetInvest to provide fast, secure operations and reliable in-house products with flexible third-party integration.

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