UK lotto louts’ fight to claim £4m jackpot makes Brexit look sane


uk-lotto-loutsThe strange case of two UK lotto louts just got a lot stranger after a third individual stepped forward to claim the disputed jackpot.

In April, two thirty-something career petty criminals named Mark Goodram and Jon-Ross Watson – who boast dozens of convictions between them – claimed to have won a £4m scratchcard jackpot. But National Lottery operator Camelot has so far refused to pay the pair, citing concerns that the ticket was not legally purchased.

Seems neither Goodram nor Watson has a bank account, yet somehow used a bank debit card to purchase the winning ticket in south London. Both men have been linked to stolen bank cards in the past, leading Camelot to suspect that the winning ticket was bought with “funds obtained without the [card] owner’s consent.”

Goodram and Watson have engaged a lawyer who continues to issue deadlines by which Camelot needs to make with the money or face a lawsuit that Camelot appears only too eager to contest.

The latest of these deadlines expired Tuesday without any sign that Camelot intends to change tack or feel the slightest bit of shame at being accused of ‘cultural racism’ for denying these yobs their (allegedly) ill-gotten gains.

The story took yet another twist on Tuesday when the Mirror reported that a man claiming to be the debit card’s rightful owner had emerged to make his own claim on the jackpot. While Goodram and Watson previously claimed that a mystery man named ‘John’ had given them his card to use – in exchange, they claim, for their having paid his brothel bill – the card owner, whose name has yet to be made public, has denied giving the pair permission to use his card.

The two artless dodgers are reportedly open to working out some sort of financial split with the unnamed cardholder, while their lawyer insists that the cardholder’s alleged change of heart regarding the pair’s use of his debit card in no way ‘invalidates’ his clients’ claim to the winning ticket. Be sure to tune in next week when Tommy Robinson takes up the pair’s cause, somehow blaming it on the European Union, while Donald Trump blames London mayor Sadiq Khan. And hopefully everyone involved ends up covered in milkshakes.