Live Tournament News: Mikita Badziakouski wins his third Triton title

Live Tournament News: Mikita Badziakouski wins his third Triton title

Mikita Badziakouski wins his third title, and overtakes Jason Koon at the top of the Triton All-Time Money List, after conquering a 52-entrant HK$750,000 (US$96,000) Short-Deck event in Montenegro.

Live Tournament News: Mikita Badziakouski wins his third Triton titleMikita Badziakouski joins Jason Koon as a three-time Triton Poker Champion after winning the penultimate event of the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series in Montenegro.

The Belarusian conquered a 52 entrants (23 re-entries) field in the HK$750,000 (US$96,000) Short-Deck event, and the HK$13,300,000 (US$1,729,000) he collected for the win sees him overtake Koon as the leader of the Triton Poker All-Time Money List.

Here is that list.

1. Mikita Badziakouski – $11.7m
2. Jason Koon – $10.5m
3. Bryn Kenney – $9.6m
4. Paul Phua – $7.8m
5. Peter Jetten – $6.6m

The win was Badziakouski’s eighth of his career, his sixth seven-figure score, and combined that makes $24,440,643 in live tournament earnings – not bad from someone who only started racking up live tournament scores in 2010.

Seventeen players made it through to Day 2 with Badziakouski settled in the lower half of the chip counts. Six players would receive a paycheck with ‘Triton’ stamped on the reverse side, and those who have that check have Devan Tang to thank after the former Triton champ lost JJ v AA when all-in pre-flop against cash game genius Andrew Robl.

Xuan Tan out in 6th

Paul Phua began Day 2 with the teeniest-tiniest stack in the room, but after eking into the money, Phua had a shot at the title after tripling up in a hand that saw Xuan Tan lose his footing, and Robl picking up a wound that would prove fatal a few hands later. The three-way pile-up saw Phua get it in good with AcKc against Robl’s AsJs and Tan’s JcTd, and the best hand held.

Andrew Robl out in 5th

Tan’s elimination hand left Robl with 22 antes, and he got them in the middle holding KhQh. His hand would face the pocket nines of Badziakouski, and despite flopping a queen, Badziakouski turned a third nine to send Robl home in fifth.

Paul Phua out in 4th

Phua, who was making his 12th ITM finish on the Triton tour, exited next, and once again Badziakouski was the poker policeman. Phua held pocket queens, Badziakouski held As8s and turned an ace.

Wang Qiang out in 3rd

Badziakouski continued popping everyone’s balloon when he took his toothpick to Wang Qiang. The latter was ahead when the pair got it in with AhQs facing QdJh, but a jack on the turn gave Badziakouski’ another scalp, and a 4:1 chip lead for a heads-up battle with Sam Greenwood.


Greenwood doubled once when KdQs cracked Badziakouski’s aces, but the man who once won back-to-back Triton Poker Super High Roller Series No-Limit Hold’em Main Events snagged himself a Short-Deck trophy when AdJc held against KcJs all-in, pre.

Final table results

1st — Mikita Badziakouski, Belarus – HKD 13,300,000 ($1,729,000)

2nd — Sam Greenwood, Canada – HKD 8,600,000 ($1,118,000)

3rd — Wang Qiang, China – HKD 5,700,000 ($741,000)

4th — Paul Phua, Malaysia – HKD 4,400,000 ($572,000)

5th — Andrew Robl, USA – HKD 3,422,500 ($444,925)

6th — Xuan Tan, China – HKD 2,700,000 ($351,000)​