Virtual Rail: SCOOP wins for ‘Daenarys T’, ‘JWPRODIGY” and “L1VeYRdrEamS”

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The PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker rumbles into Day 4 with victories for former Sunday Million winners, Turbo Series Main Event winners, and stalwarts of old.

Virtual Rail: SCOOP wins for 'Daenarys T', 'JWPRODIGY" and "L1VeYRdrEamS."Players grinding the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars have breezed through the third day of action. Thanks to Stars scribe, Howards Swains, we know that 30 tournaments reside in memory, 164,302 entrants have created $11,563,179 in prize money, and people living in Brazil have won the most titles with four.

Poker’s rule book would dictate that to enjoy a good run; you should minimise disturbances. Stop shaming people on Twitter, give the lingerie-clad girls and ripped boys a miss on Instagram, and find a babysitter for the kids.

There is one caveat.

During SCOOP the Poker Gods permit you to have Game of Thrones aloft in the top left-hand corner of your screen, and as many of us wonder how many more yells of “Dracarys” Daenarys Targaryen has left, PokerStars namesake ‘Daenarys T’ is burning through people for fun.

The Dutch star conquered a field of 503-entrants to win the $89,337.64 first prize in a $1,050 buy-in Win The Button event. There are a few in the poker community who are a tad upset with the Game of Thrones writers for what they see as a disappointing story arc. Nothing is disappointing about the story arc of ‘Daenarys T’.

Daenarys T‘ moved to Amsterdam to concentrate on the online grind but found himself spending too much time playing live cash games. One morning, staring into the mirror, brushing his hair, ‘Daenarys T’ decided it was time to give the online grind a shot, and within 3-4 days had won a record score of $19,000.

A few days after creating a new personal best he bettered it by a considerable margin after winning the $10m GTD Sunday Million Anniversary (Take 2) for one million bucks. The live cash game boat was in flames. There was no going back.

Speaking to the PokerStars blog after his win, ‘Daenarys T’ spoke of his tears of delight, and humbly described how when nine-handed he had no idea how to play because of his lack of understanding of ICM. He beat 56,310 entrants on that day.

“It felt like I was going to throw up,” he told the blog.

What do you do after you’ve won a million bucks?

Speaking after his Sunday Million win,’ Daenarys T’ told the blog that he was ‘clueless’ about what to do next, but one thing was sure, “I’m going to grind SCOOP, and after that, I’m going to keep grinding.”


The dragon rider wasn’t the only man with a prior record taking down titles on Day 3. ‘Holy h3ll’ is also a former Sunday Million winner, with a Super Tuesday title to boot, and now he or she has won a 2,406 entrant $530 buy-in No-Limit Event for $176,864.32.

Day 3 was also the day that Jordan “JWPRODIGY” Westmorland won a SCOOP title. Playing out of Indonesia, Westmorland took down a $109 buy-in Win The Button event for $48,606.17 after vanquishing 3,377 foes.

“Erä_Koira” added a SCOOP title to Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) and World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) titles. The Finnish star took down a 239-entrant, $2,100 Turbo event for $92,000.

Finally, Julien “L1VeYRdrEamS” Perouse is a man who sets lofty goals. Last year, Perouse took down the $1,050 Turbo Series Main Event, beating 2,710-entrants to capture the $396,217 first prize, a year after beating 4,745 players in the Sunday Million recording a $150,179 score.

“My goal is to be the new Fedor Holz”, Perouse told the PokerStars blog after his Turbo Series Main Event win.

He’s getting there.

‘L1VeYRdrEamS’ won the $2,100 buy-in Sunday High Roller for $177,085.12 after carving out a sweet three-handed deal. The event pulled in 573-entrants, and Sergio Aido finished fourth. ​


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