Final Game of Thrones odds for episode six

Final Game of Thrones odds for episode six

The fifth episode of the final season of Game of Thrones has come and gone, and it blew up most of the odds we’ve talked about this season. We’re back to take a final look at what’s on offer for episode six.

Final Game of Thrones odds for episode sixAs always, if you haven’t seen the latest episode, it’s spoilers here on out.

Before we really jump in, Benioff and Weiss, head writers of the show, must have had a feeling what lines bookies would offer, and did their best to create pushes. Which Lannister will die first? Cersei and Jamie look to have been crushed at the same time, so we can forget that wager. Who will win the Cleganebowl? How about nobody! Who will kill Cersei? Does a roof count?

Anyway, looking at the final wagers offered, we still have some interesting stuff here.

Bodog once again has Bran Stark favored to rule Westeros at the end of the season (1/5), with Sansa (4/1), Tyrion (15/2) and Jon Snow (8/1) trailing them, but leading the new villain of the show, Daenarys (15/1). I don’t mind longshot Gendry here (30/1), but if I had to pick any of the favorites, at this point I feel like Sansa ruling from Winterfell makes a lot of sense.

Will Jon kill Dany? Odds are favoring that outcome more than ever now (1/5), but I don’t see her letting him get close enough, so I’d bet no (3/1) still.

I’d bet more on Tyrion being the one to do the deed, but there’s no odds on that. Instead, we have odds on if Tyrion will survive. He’s favored to (1/3), which favors him having the last line of the show too, but you never know with crazy Dany on the throne; he could die (2/1).

Finally, there’s my favorite wager: will there be nudity in the final episode? An old commented on the AV Club discord chat, HBO CEO of Tits (he’s on Twitter too, but I won’t link you, you don’t need to see what he’s posting) would want to bet that there will be (5/2), but the odds favor a more serious episode without nudity (1/4).