Game of Thrones odds: Will Jon Snow kill Daenerys?

Game of Thrones odds: Will Jon Snow kill Daenerys?

Game of Thrones odds: Will Jon Snow kill Daenerys?There’s only two episodes left of HBO’s massive hit series Game of Thrones. We’re going to take another look at the odds of what will happen to some of our favorite characters, and I promise to keep the Starbucks references to a minimum.

As always, if you haven’t seen the latest episodes, the rest of this article will have spoilers throughout.

We begin with odds from, and the first line they offer is for a potential engagement between Arya and Gendry. If the last episode wasn’t clear enough, Arya is no one’s wife. I’d bet the house that they won’t get married (2/9), but there are odds for if they will (11/4) if you’re a huge romantic.

If they won’t marry, will Jon and Daenerys? The odds favor no (1/7), they won’t. It seems the show is building to a crazy dragon Queen angle, so I think betting on a marriage (4/1) between the two Targaryen’s is a bit foolish.

The odds of which Lannister and which Stark will die first haven’t changed very much. The odds for the final ruler have barely moved as well, with Jon Snow still leading at (5/2), but with Sansa gaining ground (3/1). Criminally, Cersei continues to lose ground (10/1), even though she has now proven to have dragon-proofed Kings’ Landing and currently has the most impressive fighting force.

Moving over to, we find odds for if Euron Greyjoy will marry Cersei. My gut says it won’t happen (1/6), mostly because I don’t think she wants it. If she does though (7/2), expect Jamie to be pissed.

They also carry odds for if Jon Snow will kill Daenerys. He’s favored to do it too (1/2), likely in a move to save the kingdom from a mad queen. I don’t see it though, and I would bet on no, he won’t (8/5), because I think the story is building to a better ending of Tyrion having to put the knife in her back.

Finally, we now have odds on how many dragons will survive to see the final credits roll. If you think Drogon will make it, you’re betting on the favorite (1/2). This is a tricky one, because if you think Daenerys will die, odds are you think Drogon will too (8/5). Based on my pick for Cersei to rule at the end, I’m betting on a death here.

Neither site offered odds on future appearances of Starbucks cups, but if they had that offered, I expect to see a Frappuccino at some point in Episode 6.