Game of Thrones odds: Will Tyrion ride a dragon? Who is Azhor Ahai?

Game of Thrones odds: Will Tyrion ride a dragon? Who is Azhor Ahai?

We’re just days away from the beginning of the epic final season of Game of Thrones. We’ve already taken a look at who will sit on the throne, and a bunch of possible deaths. Now we turn our eyes to some of the other props available, with odds care of Bodog.

Game of Thrones odds: Will Tyrion ride a dragon? Who is Azhor Ahai?To make this one a little more interesting, I sat down with my mother-in-law, who’s really excited to see Daenerys and Tyrion again (although she called them Khaleesi and the dwarf, if I’m being honest), and asked her which picks she’s making.

Last season, Cersei said she was pregnant. My mother-in-law doesn’t believe it and says Cersei won’t give birth (1/3), but you could bet she will (2/1) if you have more faith in the Queen.

There’s also a prop if Gendry might actually be a legitimate son of Cersei. Because she couldn’t remember who Gendry was, her bet was this won’t happen (3/25), which is an overwhelming favorite over the theory being true (9/2).

We also saw the Queen of Dragons, Daenerys, hooking up with her nephew Jon Snow. My mother-in-law thinks this bore fruit, and Daenerys will give birth (5/2), despite the odds that she probably won’t (1/4) from being barren.

Moving away from kids and babies, there’s a prop on what Bran will warg into (or take control of, I had to explain) next. She went with the longshot of a dragon (9/2), which seems less likely than either a Raven, Wolf (2/1), another human (5/2), but a bit better than the field (5/1).

Some, including me, think that the Night King might be a Stark (1/5). She doesn’t think so (7/2), thinking this theory is too farfetched. I’m more inclined to think he is, but rather than Bran, I think he might be from the time of legends.

Next we talked about a couple of wagers having to do with Tyron. She does think he will get to ride a dragon (7/2), while I think this is unlikely (1/5). Meanwhile, we agreed that its pretty unlikely that he would be working with Cersei in some kind of secret plot (1/2), but then again, he is a Lannister, and that family is pretty tight nit, so don’t count it out (3/2).

Finally, we discussed the prophecy of who might be the real Azhor Ahai, or the price that was promised. The prop was based on Melisandre or the Red Priestess’ opinion on the matter, and she likes Jon Snow (5/4) for the role. I prefer Daenerys (77/100), the current favorite. The bunch of misfits that round up the group are Tyrion (9/2), Gendry (10/1) and our favorite Onion Knight, Davos Seaworth (500/1). I will flip a table if it turns out to be Davos.