Game of Thrones odds: Who’s going to die first?

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Game of Thrones odds: Who’s going to die first?The exciting conclusion to Game of Thrones is mere days away, with the first episode of the season airing on April 14. We’ve previously taken a look at who will walk away as the new monarch of the seven kingdoms. Now, with odds care of Bodog, we’ll take a look at several props that could end up getting settled pretty early, if the story moves fast.

Which Lannister will die first? The odds favor Cersei (20/23), but you’ll recall I think she will end the show as Queen, so I’m picking Tyrion (5/2) to die before Jaime (8/5), simply because I think there’s more story left to tell between the loving brother and sister than there is for the dwarf.

The only Stark I expect to die is Sansa (3/1), so I pick her to expire before either Arya (2/3) or Bran (9/5). I just think the younger two Starks of Winterfell have a lot left to do, and Sansa seems like the only one on a path for tragedy.

If you want to bet on if Daenerys Targaryen’s death, the odds are the same on if she will or won’t, at 20/23. I would bet that she does though, as I don’t see anything more fitting for her than a heroic death to save the realm she fought to rule.

I rather not talk about who will die first between Brienne of Tarth (11/5) and Tormund Giantsbane (5/17), because they really would make the cutest couple and I don’t want that future to not exist.

What I am excited for, and I’ve wished for since sometime in Season 5, is the Clegane Bowl. I would bet my house on Sandor ‘The Hound’ (29/10) winning in an upset, or at least surviving longer than, his brother Gregor ‘The Mountain’ (5/24). If it goes the other way, I don’t need a house, I’ll go cry under a bridge.

We’ll end today with an over/under on how many people Arya will snuff out in the season. The line’s been set at 3.5, and I like the over. If Arya doesn’t kill at least one person per episode, and there are six episodes, then I feel like her multiple season build to being an assassin was for nothing.


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