Digitain’s Suren Khachatryan on taking care of operators’ local needs


Every year at Ice London, Digitain seems to grow exponentially in their presence. CalvinAyre.com’s Becky Liggero spoke with Suren Khachatryan, CEO of the games provider, to ask how their company continues to explode with growth.

“Yes, we’ve grown tremendously,” he admitted. “Our current positioning is five times bigger than we were last year. We traveled over 50 people with our team. Of course, this has been powered by the partners that we support. We are showcasing our sportsbook as a fully managed solution. We also deliver via API to some of our larger partners.”

Those products are an essential part of why Digitain is a sought after provider, but it doesn’t end there. They innovate as well. They’ve just introduced a new site builder, “which automates certain functionalities that was done by our developers previously, but now we are giving these tools to our partners, who can set up their websites and do it much faster than before,” Khachatryan told Liggero.

Those partners were getting treated to a top-rate experience at ICE too. “I think we managed to create a very dynamic stand from the top to the bottom,” he said. “We have a nice bar; we are hosting all our guests with the wine that we produce. Members from different departments from our team who can share their experience and news.”

Another key factor is localization, and Digitain puts in the effort to satisfy every local market. “Our geography is from central Asia to Africa and Latin America,” he began. “We have partners in Kazakhstan, Russia, Nigeria, Kenya and Argentina. We spend a lot of time gathering their requests. Each of them, they have their own local needs. This starts from the interfaces, to certain backend functionalities that a player does not feel. It takes time, but we manage to do it and this is one of our success.”

For new operators, managing the sometimes complicated needs of regulators can be a big headache, but Digitain helps with that too. “We pay a lot of attention to [compliance], to make sure that all of our functionalities are in accordance to responsible gaming rules,” Khachatryan emphasized. “This is something we value a lot and pass this knowledge to our partners as well. It is something that will ensure the continuity of the business also in the long term.”

Recognizing that their attention to compliance needs to grow to meet the needs of new customers, Digitain is not happy to rest with what they have. “We added two more employees recently,” he told us. “Actually, we have a lot of meetings at the ICE with regulators, and the labs we are working with on this regard, so we expect a lot of new licenses in Latin America. It’s also opening up. This is our main target for this year.”