Aristocrat’s Matt Wilson: People and culture matter to results

Aristocrat’s Matt Wilson: People and culture matter to results

Aristocrat is celebrating years of success, and the great workplace culture that got them there. Matt Wilson, managing director for the Americas for the company, joined’s Becky Liggero to talk about what sets his company apart.

Aristocrat is a big name in slots partly because of how many big name licenses they’ve acquired, including the 10-year-old Buffalo brand. “Mad Max is a good example, which is very exciting,” Wilson says. “The Buffalo brand is one that’s has created incredible value for operators across the globe, over 20,000 units placed, so it’s a fan favorite, a player favorite, and one that’s made a lot of money for operators, so celebrating the 10th anniversary, 10th birthday today.”

This success isn’t a surprise for Aristocrat; they work hard for it. “Our game designers work tirelessly just to bring new and fresh ideas to gaming floors,” Wilson says. “We know operators are looking for ways to continue to grow their business, and new innovations in slot machines is critical to the industry moving forward. … We’ll be showing new cabinets and new games, and a whole plethora of different things that can help enable our customers’ success.”

The reason they accomplish so much has to do with the people they hire, and the culture they cultivate. “Our focus at Aristocrat is employing great people, and then creating the right performance conditions for them to do their best work,” he says. “So people and culture is at the center of everything we do.”

To further build that culture, the company has recently consolidated their workforce into one location in Nevada. “We’re just moving our office here into one central location in Summerland, so 1,100 employees here in Las Vegas, were moving them from lots of different sites into 1 holistic site with lots of amenities and food and there’s a gym,” Wilson says. “There’s like everything you need to create the right environment for people to do their best work.”