Becky’s Affiliated: Fire & Ice sponsor feedback revealed – feel the noise!

Becky’s Affiliated: Fire & Ice sponsor feedback revealed – feel the noise!

Our annual dose of London conference madness is coming up quick. ICE London and LAC kick off at the ExCeL on February 4th and the icing on the cake is Fire & Ice, the legendary party on the Wednesday eve of that week. For 18th years straight, the Fire & Ice founding duo, Michael Caselli and Jodie Thind of Lyceum Media, have concocted spectacular, one-off themes and somehow manage to pull off better and better shows, year after year.

Becky’s Affiliated: Fire & Ice sponsor feedback revealed – feel the noise!“Fire & Ice Rocks will explore the Rock culture of the early to mid 1980s’ Glam Metal scene and how it was influenced in part by the Hollywood Vampires – a group of artists, rock stars and actors who defined the LA Rock Scene from the private drinking room at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in LA”, Caselli revealed.

“To produce Fire & Ice we employee over 100 actors, technicians, musicians and extras to make this night the best party of the year. Every table comes with VIP entrance, a private table area for you and your guests, drinks for the table, and more fun, entertainment and excitement than you can find anywhere else in London”, Thind added.

The amount of work going on behind the scenes to produce the best party of the year for the iGaming industry is remarkable, an undertaking no one can fully understand unless they are directly involved. In true Lyceum Media style, its only the best for every sponsor and guest of Fire & Ice.

“It’s our second time as a sponsor but we had been attending the party as guests before. Fire & Ice is the perfect party to share moments with customers and partners, it’s surprising, one of the parties people will talk about for a while with a feeling of exclusiveness”, shared Renaud Baudry of HiPay.

“Fire & Ice is one of the most hotly anticipated events on the iGaming calendar and we are delighted to be sponsoring the event for the third time in 2019. From a Habanero point of view, it has helped us expand our reach and means we’re always on the mind of what is a very busy time of the year”, Jeff Lim of Habanero revealed.

“This will be emerchantpay’s 3rd year as a sponsor of Fire & Ice, personally I have been sponsoring the event for 10 years and have always found it to be the ‘must attend’ social event of the year. It provides a great opportunity for us to invite industry associates, customers and friends. The team put on a great show and always deliver a memorable night which is well worth the investment from a sponsor’s viewpoint”, confirmed loyal sponsor Chris Smart of emerchantpay.

“Income Access has been sponsoring Fire & Ice for many years (more than we can remember!). For us, it is one of the key events that we make sure to build into our yearly events budget because we know that it will be worth it. All of the key industry contacts are there and we greatly enjoy hosting both our colleagues and our partners”, added Erica Anderson of Income Access.

With so many iGaming industry events taking place around the world each year, anyone with a budget is accustomed to the usual bombardment of pitches for sponsorship. Fire & Ice, however, offers a unique opportunity for sponsorship as this caliber of an industry party only happens once a year and everyone wants that golden VIP wrist band.

“In our industry, we love concepts standing out of the crowd. There are so many parties planned through the year that only unexpected ones are unforgettable. That’s pretty much what Fire & Ice brings to the ICE visitors, unseen show in gorgeous place”, explained Baudry.

“You just need to go to one of the Fire & Ice parties to really experience what it’s all about. It’s cliched to say, but you have to be there to understand why it’s the best party and networking event on the calendar”, shared Ashley Adir of Vegas Kings, a loyal Fire & Ice sponsor and guest.

“Fire & Ice stands well above the other industry nights as it never fails to deliver a unique balance of showmanship, ‘wow’ factor and performance. This coupled with the pedigree of guests who attend the evening ensure it stands apart from the rest”, Smart added.

To refer to Fire & Ice as a “party” doesn’t quite do it justice as the event rolls one-of-a-kind entertainment, networking, business deals, relaxing and partying all into one. As a sponsor, to be associated with such an event is both professional and fun, a combination complimenting the iGaming industry’s classic “work hard, play hard” lifestyle.

“Nothing quite brings the industry together like ICE does and the Fire & Ice event is the place to be seen when it’s time to stop talking business and start having fun. Although that doesn’t mean deals aren’t getting done, you’d be surprised how many working relationships are formed over a drink or two!”, Lim revealed.

“Beside the event being one of the best parties, it’s also a very important networking event for Vegas Kings. As a sponsor we entertain our most loyal clients and make sure they all get to mingle and have a bit of a switch off during the hectic week of business”, Adir added.

What I love about Fire & Ice is that everyone in our industry is welcome and guaranteed to have fun, VIP or general admission, its doesn’t matter. Fire & Ice has been the glue bringing together the iGaming industry year after year for 18 years and no other party on our calendar can say the same.

“Head to Fire & Ice this February 2019 and you’ll find an entire industry getting down. Every moment of the unrivalled show is an explosion of colour and music. Scantily clad people shimmy on stage, and well-heeled partygoers gather in liquor-soaked tables at Troxy London -gaming’s unofficial main stage”, said Simon Collins of River iGaming UK, one of Fire & Ice’s biggest and most loyal fans.

“We had ‘Zhora’ last year and ‘Twisted Tales’ in 2017 so I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us at ‘Fire & Ice Rocks!’ I’m pretty sure they will blow us away once more! I can’t wait to see everyone there”, Smart gushed.

“This year looks more exciting than ever! We are looking forward to seeing the show and can’t wait to see who else will be there. Bring on Fire & Ice Rocks 2019!”, Anderson added.
“Fire & Ice 2019 – Welcome to our Paradise City. It will Make You Party Like a Rock Star”, Caselli promised.