Fire & Ice 2017 Preview – “Twisted Tales” descend upon London’s Troxy on February 8th

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The 16th annual Fire & Ice will take place on February 8th in London at the Troxy, home for the past five years to the gambling industry’s biggest and most anticipated party. loves covering this event each year because our senses are constantly stimulated by the activity on stage, around the bars, on the floor and Fire & Ice 2017 Preview – “Twisted Tales” descend upon London’s Troxy on February 8that the VIP tables- it’s an audio and visual delight for our camera and of course, our beloved viewers.

Each year co-hosts Michael Caselli and Jodie Thind of Lyceum Media conjure up an original and sultry theme, both driving the stage acts and costumes of party staff and guests.  2017 brings a “Twisted Tales” theme, think childhood fairy tales but with a Caselli-inspired creative twist.

“Fire & Ice ‘Twisted Tales’ looks at cherished child fairy tales and twists their lessons 180 degrees”, Caselli told exclusively shared with

He continued, “Initially I thought that would make for a dark and disturbing storyline, but when I got into the tales, I found that they were already dark and twisted. What surprised me was that in reversing the story’s underlying lessons, the stories didn’t get more strange, but more applicable in today’s world. I don’t know if that means that we have done an about-face since the times of Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm, but it did take me by surprise and made me wonder what we have all become.

This year we look at some common themes of lore and ask…

Why can’t maidens look after themselves?

Is there only one love per lifetime?

Is innocence kept better than innocence lost?

Of course, being twisted also means that we don’t look at these stories in the rainbow spotlight of Walt Disney, but in the penumbra that makes Fire & Ice a place to let go, relax, and rub elbows with the elite of the iGaming fraternity”.

Oh wow is all we can say.

Thind added, “We encourage all of our friends to dress in character…maybe add a twisted step sister, evil queen, or huntsman look to your outfit?!  You know I’ll be looking for my charming but crazy Prince in our enchanted forest.”Fire & Ice 2017 Preview – “Twisted Tales” descend upon London’s Troxy on February 8th

Who will be that lucky Prince, we wonder?!

Clearly this night has a lot of surprises in store for everyone, a party that no one in the iGaming industry should miss and we’re expecting 1800 of you to attend throughout the night.

Doors open at 9pm and guests are invited to have a drink at the Play’n Go sleeping “Beauty’s Bed” bar and to have a wander in the AliQuantum ‘House of Temptation’.  As always, Dafabet will be throwing a private party within the venue and this year their guests will be hosted in an appropriately themed “Enchanted Kingdom”.

“There’ll be a few different ‘live’ surprises this year, so don’t be late, show time is at 10:30pm sharp!”, added Thind.

All iGaming professionals are invited to attend Fire & Ice Twisted Tales, simply pick up a complimentary ticket at the iGaming Business stand at ICE, ND7 A-B.  Guests of party sponsors will receive a wristband and ticket directly from their host and looks forward to seeing you there.


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