Diversified strategy for BtoBet in London


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DIVERSIFIED STRATEGY FOR BTOBET IN LONDON“The opportunities that the African iGaming industry has to offer are huge, and a substantial number of both local and international operators are ever more seeking to team up with a local partner to consider their options when it comes to investing and expanding their businesses in the region.” This is what Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet’s Chief Marketing Officer, commented regarding the success that the company’s White Label Partnership Program has reaped throughout the past weeks since it was launched at ICE Africa in October.

STM Gaming was announced as BtoBet’s first Certified Partner for Africa after successfully undergoing a thorough screening and due diligence process. Alessandro Pizzolotto, STM’s CEO stated that the company has already signed various agreements with a number of White Label Operators operating in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Tanzania to provide them with a lite and simplified version of BtoBet’s advanced technologies.

“Africa presents its own unique opportunities as well as challenges that distinguish it from Europe or Latin America.” He further stated that in a bid to being successful, operators – especially those who have established themselves in more mature markets such as Europe – need to truly have an understanding of the complex African scenario and understand that their thought process needs to change. “A successful business model in the European market, will surely fail if an operator does not have the knowledge to adapt to the reality of the African market. And it is this expertise and know-how that has proved to be the success of the BtoBet White Label Partnership Program.”

Those operators interested in the African context will be able to meet with the proficient STM team members who will be present at BtoBet’s stand (S1-320) at next February’s ICE London event, for a deeper understanding of the technologies that could best suite their purposes. Schedule a meeting by contacting [email protected] or by calling on +356 27135974.

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