Tomobox keeps gamer clients happy

Tomobox keeps gamer clients happy’s Stephanie Tower spoke to David Sachs and Baruchi Har-Lev of Tomobox, upon their winning the most recent SiGMA Pitch event.

Israel-based Tomobox has been in the business since 2015, specializing in artificial intelligence to determine customer needs based on data collected by companies. The underlying technology has been used for various applications and industries. As Tomobox CEO David Sachs has said, professionals such as doctors could use the service to sift through hundreds of text messages to better prioritize whom to treat and provide a more efficient service.

“You’re going to see this kind of technology go in every facet of messaging, whether it’s banking, insurance, or dating apps,” he said in an earlier interview.

One sector that has benefited from the company’s solutions is gaming, with demand for this evident at the Summit of iGaming Malta (SiGMA) 2018, specifically the SiGMA Pitch competition. In it, 100 participating startups were weeded down to 10 finalists. Among these were Blockverse, a blockchain-powered solution to help operators coordinate with affiliates, ConversionBet, that maximizes conversion rates of gambling site visitors, Karmafy, which facilitates charitable donations by customers and employees, and of course, Tomobox.

The company’s gaming solution is designed specifically to reduce player churn—or when a user no longer engages with a product—and thus extend active playing time. This involves an analysis of chat logs, e-mails, and other interpretable user activity, in order to solve issues in seconds rather than hours. According to the company, “Understanding players and responding in real-time to customer issues has become vital to keeping them happy and playing.”

For SiGMA Pitch, there could only be one winner, and Tomobox received the honor, as judged by industry leaders and investors. On the victory, Baruchi Har-Lev, Tomobox vice-president for research and development said, “We worked so hard on that. It’s amazing to get these responses. We have a very good product and we’re happy to ship it out.”

Sachs praised the efforts of the other finalists. “[A]ll of them were awesome, and we’re very humbled to even be part of those 10 teams,” he said.

Of the reception to their product, Sachs said, “You’ve been very welcoming to us, and not for the first time, so we’re here to stay.”