SiGMA 2018 Day 2 summary

SiGMA 2018 Day 2 summary

The largest iGaming event in Malta and the region continues at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Center (MFCC). The Sigma 2018 Day 2 conference tackled innovations and challenges in finance, and consumer growth and marketing.

With more visibility of blockchain and crypto-focused companies, sessions took a closer look at crypto as a payment solution within the iGaming space. Forbes Journalist Monty Munford moderated a panel discussing unbanking the unbank through digital currencies and its challenges.

Although the potentials of crypto in payments and other aspects of the industry have been well-recognized, the biggest challenge in mass adoption still lies within education. Munford shared that there is a need to educate not so much investors but the man in the streets or the woman in the bus. He added, “You got to educate people for positivity of this—not movement but—a huge societal and cultural change.”

Innovations may have simplified complex processes, made information more accessible and brought industries together. It has also made marketing and consumer growth a lot more competitive and challenging for businesses. caught up with one of the speakers today for some tips on how to engage audience and convert them as consumers. Filip Lysikowski, head of marketing at, shared the three steps in making it happen: First, use web push notifications to establish connection; second, surprise your target on landing page or later offers. Have some edge and don’t be repetitive; and lastly, test more. Failure is expected but continue testing until achieving what works best.

The massive boom of blockchain and crypto in the last year has got a lot of people talking and companies working on its adoption. There is an apparent rise of blockchain and crypto companies showcasing at this year’s Sigma expo floor.

Getting into new technologies like these at the early stage may sound difficult and may require thorough work. However, taking the risk by being ahead of the game may bring luck and opportunities in any business.

Exhibitor Ultraplay was one of the pioneers in the space for adopting Bitcoin in 2011 and combining this with their eSports offerings way before the Bitcoin bubble and eSports craze. CEO Mario Ovcharov shared how doing this ahead has opened many doors for their company. He added, “Crypto is a big part of our ecosystem and mindset in general.”

At the exhibition floor, various technologies are showcased just like Join Games VR-centered product offerings. We caught up with their CEO and found out more about the exciting developments their company are working on this year such as an elite poker network and a new aggregator platform.

On day two, Gaming Malta also hosted the European Fantasy Sports Summit covering initiatives that would engage various market segments and iGaming business opportunities.

Sigma 2018 conference ends today at MFCC.