Atlantic City mayor catches break after fisticuffs outside casino


atlantic-city-mayor-casino-fightAtlantic City’s mayor won’t be prosecuted for getting into a late-night brawl outside one of the seaside gaming hub’s casinos earlier this month.

On Wednesday, Cape May County Prosecutor Jeffrey Sutherland declared that AC Mayor Frank Gilliam Jr. and Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy won’t face criminal charges stemming from a physical altercation that occurred outside the Golden Nugget casino in the wee hours of November 11.

The day after the night in question, local media reported that Gilliam and Fauntleroy had gotten into a dustup with at least two other individuals outside the Nugget’s Haven nightclub. Sources originally claimed there was surveillance footage of Gilliam “punching and choking” a female security guard.

Gilliam (pictured), who was elected mayor in January, admitted getting into a physical confrontation but insisted it was no big deal. The Press of Atlantic City reported that the video in question did indeed show a fight involving Gilliam, Fauntleroy and several other individuals – reportedly security staff who followed the two men out of the venue – lasting about 45 seconds.

Gilliam reportedly swung his fists at two individuals during the melee but failed to connect. However, Fauntleroy reportedly landed several punches, while throwing one of his and Gilliam’s opponents to the ground.

The Cape May prosecutor’s office’s – to which the matter was transferred to avoid a perception of conflict of interest by AC prosecutors – issued a statement saying it “will not be pursuing any criminal charges regarding the altercation.”

However, three club employees are pursuing civil complaints against the two civic politicians. While the video reportedly doesn’t show the female employee being struck, reported that the complaint accuses Fauntleroy of telling the woman that he would “fuck you up.” The civil complaint will be heard in North Wildwood municipal court on December 11.

The state’s Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver has so far resisted calls to force Gilliam and Fauntleroy to step down, saying the “deeply troubling” allegations “must be appropriately investigated” before any further action is taken.