Asia Gaming Summit 2018 Day 3 recap

Asia Gaming Summit 2018 Day 3 recap

The second edition of Asia Gaming Summit, which took place at W Taipei on Nov. 6-8, culminated with a set of comprehensive workshops tackling topics such as the nitty-gritty of setting up operations in Taiwan, as well as affiliate marketing in Asia’s three key markets.

“We actually have many new things on the program this year. We have two workshops; the first workshop is setting up in Taiwan, talking about Taiwan as a business location and hub. The second workshop is about SEO, affiliate marketing and social media,” said Giulia Timarco, senior conference producer of Beacon Events.

The first workshop provided delegates all the information and guidelines they needed to successfully set up operations in Taiwan, with discussion led by Dr. George Lin, managing partner of Lin & Partners, and David Lee, head of corporate department at Lin & Partners.

Hai Ng, co-founder of Neomancer LLC and Spawn Point, shared his company’s experience in setting up an eSports team in the country, highlighting the real-life challenges they encountered—from language barrier to dietary requirements.

Asia Gaming Summit 2018 Day 3 recap“I find Taipei, in a sense, deceptively cosmopolitan. It looks like a lot of major cosmopolitan countries that you would expect a large English-speaking or at least some level of English understanding. But it isn’t. It’s actually very Asian, and a lot of people don’t speak English. And that’s a barrier,” Ng told

The second workshop dealt with affiliate marketing in the region, underlining the differences of Asia’s three key markets—Chinese speaking markets, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Anthony Wu, founder and CEO of UpstartDNA, Dov Allin, CEO of Marketing Cross Media, and Shino Besson, operations manager Japan of Game Lounge, showcased the key strategies needed to succeed in these markets.

“They have to, first, have the right team. They have to localize their site. They have to know their competitors, and they have to understand how to work with affiliates. It’s not really what you offer to your players, how you attract your affiliates to work with them for the long term and with trust,” Allin said.

For the past three days, Asia Gaming Summit 2018 has provided the perfect opportunity for everyone in the gaming industry to meet and share their experiences. Local and international delegates gathered in W Taipei for a jam-packed week of gaining knowledge on topics like the intricacies of the Asia and global gaming industry while also discovering new technologies and future industry trends.

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