The Eagle Cup returns at Global Poker

The Eagle Cup returns at Global Poker

The Eagle Cup returns at Global PokerFor the second time in as many years, Global Poker is preparing to launch its successful poker tournament series, The Eagle Cup. Global Poker is reportedly the fastest growing poker site for US players and this year’s festival will see the prize pool increase to $750,000 in “Sweeps Cash” (SC). There will be a total of 135 events and action gets underway on September 30, running through October 21, offering a combined prize pool of SC$750,000.

The series of tournaments will offer a range of buy-ins, designed to suit virtually any player. The festival kicks off with a SC5,000 Freeroll before the official action begins on October 1. As was the case last year, the big attraction will certainly be the main event, which offers a guarantee of SC$100,000. It begins on October 21.

Each Eagle Cup winner will be awarded a Global Poker “champions pack” and a trophy. The top two finishers in each event will also earn a seat at the table for the Tournament of Champions. The ultimate winner of the Tournament of Champions will be given the opportunity to participate in a live poker event of the winner’s choice.

Here are some schedule highlights for the upcoming festival:

Sun Sep 302:00 PMOpening $5,000 Freeroll$0
Mon Oct 18:30 PM01-L: NLHE $3,000 Gtd$11
9:30 PM01-H: NLHE $10,000 Gtd$110
Tue Oct 28:30 PM02-L: PLO $2,000 Gtd [6-Max]$11
9:00 PM02-M: PLO $3,500 Gtd [6-Max]$33
9:30 PM02-H: PLO $5,000 Gtd [6-Max]$55
Wed Oct 38:30 PM03-L: NLHE $3,000 Gtd [2R1A]$5.50
9:30 PM03-H: NLHE $12,500 Gtd [2R1A]$55
Thu Oct 48:30 PM04-L: NLHE $3,000 Gtd [Rebuy, 4-Max]$3.30
Fri Oct 58:30 PM05-L: NLHE $3,000 Gtd [Turbo]$11
9:00 PM05-M: NLHE $5,000 Gtd [Turbo]$33
9:30 PM05-H: NLHE $10,000 Gtd [Turbo]$110
Sat Oct 63:15 PM06-L: NLHE $2,500 Gtd [1R1A]$5.50
8:30 PM07-L: NLHE $2,500 Gtd [Big Ante]$11
9:30 PM07-H: NLHE $5,000 Gtd [Big Ante]$55
Sun Oct 73:00 PM08-M: NLHE $20,000 Gtd [Deep]$110
5:30 PM08-H: NLHE $50,000 Gtd [Deep]$218
8:30 PM09-L: NLHE $3,000 Gtd [1R1A, 6-Max]$5.50
9:00 PM09-M: NLHE $7,500 Gtd [1R1A, 6-Max]$22
Mon Oct 88:30 PM10-L: NLHE $4,000 Gtd [2x-Chance]$11
9:30 PM10-H: NLHE $10,000 Gtd [2x-Chance]$110
Tue Oct 98:30 PM11-L: NLHE $3,000 Gtd [1R1A, Turbo]$5.50
9:00 PM11-M: NLHE $7,500 Gtd [1R1A, Turbo]$22
Wed Oct 108:30 PM12-L: NLHE $3,000 Gtd [Rebuy, 6-Max]$3.30
9:30 PM12-H: NLHE $12,500 Gtd [Rebuy, 6-Max]$33
Sun Oct 143:00 PM17-M: NLHE $20,000 Gtd [Deep]$110
5:30 PM17-H: NLHE $50,000 Gtd [Deep]$218
9:30 PM20-H: NLHE $5,000 Gtd [Ante Up]$55
Wed Oct 178:30 PM21-L: NLHE $3,000 Gtd [1R1A]$5.50
9:00 PM21-M: NLHE $7,500 Gtd [1R1A]$22
9:30 PM21-H: NLHE $12,500 Gtd [1R1A]$55
Thu Oct 188:30 PM22-L: NLHE $3,000 Gtd [6-Max]$11
9:00 PM22-M: NLHE $5,000 Gtd [6-Max]$33
9:30 PM22-H: NLHE $10,000 Gtd [6-Max]$110
Fri Oct 198:30 PM23-L: PLO $2,000 Gtd [1R1A]$5.50
9:00 PM23-M: PLO $3,500 Gtd [1R1A]$11
9:30 PM23-H: PLO $5,000 Gtd [1R1A]$33
Sat Oct 203:15 PM24-L: NLHE $2,500 Gtd [1R1A]$5.50
9:30 PM25-H: NLHE $10,000 Gtd [2x-Chance, 6-Max]$110
Sun Oct 213:00 PM26-M: Main Event NLHE $40,000 Gtd [Deep]$110
4:15 PM26-L: Main Event NLHE $15,000 Gtd [Deep]$22
5:30 PM26-H: Main Event NLHE $100,000 Gtd [Deep]$218
9:30 PM27-H: NLHE $12,500 Gtd [2R1A, Turbo]$55
Sun Oct 282:00 PMTournament of Champions$0