Global Poker Eagle Cup II prepares to wrap up successful season

Global Poker Eagle Cup II prepares to wrap up successful season

Global Poker Eagle Cup II prepares to wrap up successful seasonThe Global Poker Championships of Global Poker (GP) is winding down the final week of its Eagle Cup II series of tournaments. More than 60 tournaments out of the 81 Sweeps Cash events have already found a winner, each of whom took home a winner’s Eagle trophy and a Global Poker Champions pack, which contains a plethora of GP gear. It’s been a successful series, but all good things must come to an end.

Thursday saw 6-Handed action, which will also be repeated on Saturday. Friday will give Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) aficionados a chance to pick up a trophy. All events are offered at low, medium and high buy-in levels, ensuring that there are options for everyone. However, even the high level for games like the PLO tournament are palatable—the buy-in is only SC$33 and the event offers a $5,000 Sweeps Cash (SC) guarantee.

This Sunday, three will be three main events. The medium Main Event has a buy-in of SC$110 and will get underway at 3 PM Eastern Time (ET). The guaranteed prize pool of SC$40,000 should prove to be enticing to a large number of players and the guarantee could easily be broken. The SC$22 low Main Event will kick off at 4:15 p.m. ET and offers a guarantee of SC$15,000.

The big event of the day will be the high level Main Event. It has a buy-in of SC$218 and a huge guarantee of SC$100,000. For the guarantee to be covered, at least 500 players are needed. Anything less will see GP breaking out the wallet.

Here is what the schedule looks like for the rest of the series:

Date Time Event Buy-in (SC)
Fri Oct 19 8:30 PM 23-L: PLO $2,000 Gtd [1R1A] $5.50
9:00 PM 23-M: PLO $3,500 Gtd [1R1A] $11
9:30 PM 23-H: PLO $5,000 Gtd [1R1A] $33
Sat Oct 20 3:15 PM 24-L: NLHE $2,500 Gtd [1R1A] $5.50
3:45 PM 24-M: NLHE $4,000 Gtd [1R1A] $11
4:15 PM 24-H: NLHE $7,500 Gtd [1R1A] $33
8:30 PM 25-L: NLHE $4,000 Gtd [2x-Chance, 6-Max] $11
9:00 PM 25-M: NLHE $6,000 Gtd [2x-Chance, 6-Max] $33
9:30 PM 25-H: NLHE $10,000 Gtd [2x-Chance, 6-Max] $110
Sun Oct 21 3:00 PM 26-M: Main Event NLHE $40,000 Gtd [Deep] $110
4:15 PM 26-L: Main Event NLHE $15,000 Gtd [Deep] $22
5:30 PM 26-H: Main Event NLHE $100,000 Gtd [Deep] $218
8:30 PM 27-L: NLHE $3,000 Gtd [2R1A, Turbo] $5.50
9:00 PM 27-M: NLHE $7,500 Gtd [2R1A, Turbo] $22
9:30 PM 27-H: NLHE $12,500 Gtd [2R1A, Turbo] $55
Sun Oct 28 2:00 PM Tournament of Champions

For those players who finish in the top two positions of each of the tournaments, they automatically receive entry into the Tournament of Champions event. Up for grabs is a total of SC$10,000, of which SC$5,000 will go to the tournament’s eventual winner.