Malta to host the most important crypto conference of 2018

Malta to host the most important crypto conference of 2018

St Julian’s, Malta, 1-2 November 2018 – Upon receiving an unofficial status of the “Blockchain Island” after passing an array of crypto business regulation bills, Malta is ready to welcome more than 5000 delegates, 100 speakers and 150 companies at one of the biggest gambling and blockchain events – Malta Blockchain Summit. Such massive companies as Binance and OKEx have already chosen Malta for relocating their headquarters, and this is just the beginning for Malta, that keeps making the regulatory environment for blockchain-based businesses better and

Malta to host the most important crypto conference of 2018Summit will be split in 4 sections covering all the major areas: government and regulation, marketing and affiliation, fintech, tokenomics and cryptocurrencies, as well as blockchain for
developers. Everyone will be able to find something to one’s taste.

Gambling industry will get a special spotlight at the summit. Regulation of this area is the key problem all over the world, and finding the solution for it will be the main task of dozens of major
gambling networks, affiliates and crypto exchanges, supported by the Maltese government. The gambling industry delegates will have unique opportunity to network, exchange their experience,
learn new marketing strategies, as well as to learn everything about the blockchain technologies implementation. Moreover, they will get a chance to inspect local gambling licencing terms, meet
the MGA members and the prime minister of Malta himself, who will be among the speakers at the summit this year.

“I wish to welcome every blockchain enthusiast to the Malta Blockchain Summit, a melting pot for global influencers in technology, civil society, democracy promotion and innovation. Expect riveting discussion about the world-changing potential applications of blockchain across multiple verticals, including, but not limited to health, entertainment, government, banking,payments and fintech, and more,”

Eman Pulis, Managing Director of the Malta Blockchain Summit.

This is a truly influential event for everyone who faces business licencing issues, especially when it concerns gambling. Use this unique opportunity to turn your dream into reality by bringing your project to Malta Blockchain Summit.