Stuck for a father’s day present? Daniel Negreanu appears on Masterclass

Stuck for a father’s day present? Daniel Negreanu appears on Masterclass

If, like me, you’re stuck figuring out what to buy your father on Father’s Day then be stuck no more. Daniel Negreanu has created a 33+ online video training course on Masterclass that will teach your old man how to lose every penny of his retirement fund.

Stuck for a father’s day present? Daniel Negreanu appears on Masterclass“To the best father in the world.”

“Have a great day.”

“I love you beyond measure.”

Every card I see contains these lies. I leaf through them with the enthusiasm of a sloth. These cards are bullshit. The occasion is bullshit. Consumerism gone nuts.

He’s not the best father in the world.

He spends 50% of his time in bed, so why would that be a great day?

I don’t love him beyond measure.

I want a blank card so I can write something; anything, to get the job done.

And don’t get me started on presents.

It used to be simple. A few pints, and 200 cigs. Until I realised my hypocrisy was slowly killing him. So today, I am spending a few hours trawling through Amazon trying to find something for a man who has no hobbies, spends most of his time in bed and travels from China to the UK standing up on the plane because ‘movies are boring.’

Fuck it.

I’ll get him this.

Daniel Negreanu Joins Samuel L. Jackson, Helen Mirren and Spike Lee on Masterclass. 

Who would you go to for poker tips?

The answer depends on how ‘in the know’ you are. If you are ‘in the know’, then maybe Fedor Holz tops your list. But if like my father, you’re amongst the billions of people who have no idea that poker exists, then your only options are Phil Hellmuth or Daniel Negreanu; the only poker players who have pierced the mainstream.

Fortunately for fathers around the world, one of them has created an online training course for potential card sharps, and Masterclass have snapped it up. Masterclass is a luxury version of Udemy.; a library of unusual subjects delivered by masters of the craft.

Negreanu will be joining the likes of Spike Lee and Martin Scorcese teaching classes on film directing; Samuel L. Jackson and Helen Mirren doing likewise with acting, and Malcolm Gladwell throwing his pen in the ring with a course on writing (I think I had better get that one!).

The face of PokerStars has created a 33+ video lesson training extravaganza that includes a workbook, and quizzes. Negreanu also promises that some of the material has never hit the public sphere before.

Here is the rough itinerary.

1. Thinking about thinking
2. Position
3. Hand ranges and board texture
4. Game theory and math
5. Pre and post flop betting
6. Bluffing
7. Bet sizing
8. Multi-way dynamics
9. Tournament strategy
10. Cash games
11. Tells
12. Table talk
13. Image and metagame
14. Player profiling
15. Bankroll management
16. Life as a poker player
17. Off the felt training
18. Online play

You can pre-enroll for early access to seven lessons on tournament play on June 19 for the price of £85 (giving you lifetime access to the materials), or you can pay £180 per year for access to the full library of classes.

I think I will go for the £180 option.

Maybe there is a masterclass on how to live your entire life without leaving your bed?