Andrew Dagnall: Knowing your customer is key factor for personalization

In this video with’s Becky Liggero, BettorLogic CEO Andrew Dagnall shares how operators can use personalization to maximize profits during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

With only two weeks until the World Cup kickoff, sportsbooks are dreaming up ways to cash in on the biggest sporting event of the year. Most sportsbooks rely on personalization strategies in order to maximize profits. BettorLogic CEO Andrew Dagnall said personalization is an important strategy for building customer loyalty.

He believes that sports betting operators have come a long way when it comes to personalization strategy in general.

“I think the main difference now is, particularly with the sportsbook providers, you’ve got a concentration of sportsbook providers who dominate the market,” Dagnall told “That means, as an operator, you are slightly hampered because you could be operating in a territory—let’s say Portugal. So, the way technology is able to help, and which is what we do, is we use API and recreate how it is presented to the customer.”

If there’s one piece of advice the BettorLogic CEO has for sports betting operators struggling with player retention and customer loyalty, it’s that knowing their customers is the key factor for personalization.

Operators should use aggregated data for its personalization strategy, according to Dagnall. He said sportsbooks should formulate their promotions and their strategy on what they present to customers by looking at their data metric.

Dagnall added that analyzing and create a profile of the customers may help cut down the journey time whether it’s on a mobile app or desktop in terms of having to go through so many different events to get where they want to go.

“I think the key factor is basically know who your customer is. If you think that the majority of the sports betting companies have more data on a customer than any other other industry. The thing that I always—when talking to potential clients, etc.—what I say to them is I see no reason why betting shouldn’t be like Spotify,” Dagnall said.