Andrew Dagnall talks the importance of profiling sports bettors in the online gambling industry

Andrew Dagnall on the importance of using data and player profiling

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, BettorLogic CEO Andrew Dagnall explains how using data and profiling players help operators in the online gambling industry.

Content may be the king, but how will an online gambling operator know what kind of content to push to the players?

BettorLogic’s solution is to use data and profile players, especially sports bettors.

“Essentially, what we do is we get the betting history of the customers and we use a fairly simple set of transaction data so we know for example, when they place a bet, what they placed a bet on, what the odds are, what the stake was, what the sport was, what the result was, etc.,” BettorLogic CEO Andrew Dagnall told

Together with other data, BettorLogic then creates a profile of a player that it uses not only to make “the process of betting much easier,” but also as a basis for the kind of content to feature on the site.

“If you use content to engage with them, so you say, ‘Here’s a reason to bet on this game tonight.’ You’ll also start to broaden that interest by giving them content perhaps on other leagues or other sports,” Dagnall said. “Punters [are] looking for a reason to have a bet and that reason might be driven by their opinion or it might be driven by the sort of content that we’re putting in front of players. I think nowadays people are spending less time on their decisions, what they want to bet on. Give me a simple proposition, I’ll do it [or] I won’t do it. Simple as that.”

Re-engaging players, on the hand, is a different matter, especially if we’re talking about casual players. Dagnall said the key here is to appeal to a casual bettor’s “thrill of the win.”

“Most casual bettors, they’re not really bothered by offering them 3-to1, 4-to-1 or whatever or whether they’re going to win £15 or £20. They actually just want the thrill of the win. It’s a justification of their action. It makes them feel good. It makes them think, oh this is easy. I can become better at this. And therefore, if you give them those reasons, they will act on them and they will,” he noted. “We did a test with Betfred before, whereby we took section of customers and we exposed them to all our content and the thing you noticed was one, their activities have increased quite substantially, but they also migrated into different sports perhaps they would never bet on otherwise because they had a bit of confidence to be able to do so.”