Welcome to the revolution: Unikrn acquires the killer team at ChallengeMe

Welcome to the revolution: Unikrn acquire the killer team at ChallengeMe

The esports gambling operators, Unikrn, has acquired the tournament platform ChallengeMe in a multi-million dollar acquisition Rahul Sood calls the biggest of his life.

Welcome to the revolution: Unikrn acquire the killer team at ChallengeMeI was asked the other day if I had a man crush on Rahul Sood because I write about his company frequently. I don’t. In many ways, Unikrn reminds me of PokerStars when the Isle of Man team is firing on all cylinders, and not acting like a cat that’s just had its balls snipped, and the holes are sewn shut.

I write about gambling related news stories, primarily poker, and sometimes trying to find a story worthy of reading feels like a fishbone in the throat.

And then, every once in a while, a company comes along that is growing at such a rate, a press release or blog post signifying a change lands in my inbox with the frequency of those AddThisTeam spam emails that just won’t die.

When it comes to esports gambling, Unikrn is that company.

Using Medium as the vehicle, Sood has released the first of two big pieces of Unikrn news that’s itching to fly from his grey matter. Unikrn has acquired the Berlin-based esports tournament platform ChallengeMe.gg.

Now it’s not the first time that Unikrn has bought digital bricks and mortar as part of their plans for cyber world domination. Think back to the purchases of DotaProHub, LEET, Pinion and Vision IP and you can see Unikrn doesn’t mess about when it comes to improving the vastness of its product.

But Sood believes this is the Daddy of them all talking up the multi-million dollar deal as not just a great thing for him and Unikrn, but for the ‘entire gaming ecosystem.’

“It’s one of biggest deals of my career.” Beamed Sood.

Welcome to the revolution

The decision to merge these two titans results in the first crypto gaming platform in the world. Sood reminds us that Unikrn has patent-pending technology on placing crypto bets on video game contests, and they will use this tech on the CME platform.

Unikrn and CME first entered a relationship seven months ago when Unikrn chose the CME platform as the host of the first-ever community CS:GO tournament that used UnikoinGold as the prizepool. Ever since that first dalliance, the pair has been running weekly events.

Sood called CME’s technology ‘amazing’ and said their team were ‘killer,’ referring to Unikrn as the gas that CME needed to get a move on. However, it wasn’t just the technology and after work discos that Sood and his team loved. The two companies also shared the same values and vision of crypto gaming. As Sood alluded to, with Unikrn having the ‘best, most-sold and most widely traded esports and gaming token on the planet,’ it made sense for CME to rethink their token strategy and jump into the shower with the industry leaders.

Sood writes.

“Right now, if you go on CME, you’ll find competitive and quickplay matchmaking, open lobbies (for friends or Twitch streamers needing easy viewer game setups), direct challenges, fully automated tournaments and ladders with amazing prizes, missions and raffles, detailed customizable player stats pages, achievements, demo file downloads on the best, fully-automated 128 tick CS:GO servers available on Earth.”

The game of choice is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), but the team have plans to expand into Dota 2, PUBG, Rocket League and many other titles in time.

“This is a revolution.” Said Sood. “This new world is coming upon us quickly.”

And this is only Part 1.

I’m going to have to ask Santa for a new Atari so I can check this shit out.