Tsachi Maimon: There’s more stability and potential in regulated market

Tsachi Maimon: There’s more stability and potential in regulated market

In this interview with CalvinAyre.com’s Becky Liggero, CEO Tsachi Maimon shares why Aspire Global’s newest turnkey solution stands out in the market.

Investing in a regulated gambling market has its pros and cons.

With checks and balances in place, operators will have peace of mind doing business and putting their money in a regulated market. A combination of responsible gambling measures, sensible and effective licensing requirements, and a workable taxation regime based on gross gaming revenue are said to bring the best possible outcome not only for consumers, but also for operators as well.

On the downside, margins of profit are lower in a regulated market compared with the gray ones.

But if you ask Aspire Global CEO Tsachi Maimon which he will choose between the two markets, Maimon said he’s definitely willing to bet on a regulated market than gamble the future of his business in the gray market.

“In regulated market, it’s true that the margins of profit are getting lower but the stability and potential for Aspire Global, because of the type of solution that we have, is growing over there. We see it as an opportunity,” Maimon told CalvinAyre.com. “So, in regulated environment, media companies that are not able to operate in a non-regulated environment, we are doing it for them. They don’t need to build their operation. It’s tough. We are doing it for media companies in regulated environment.”

Maimon said Aspire Global is active in different European gambling jurisdictions, namely UK, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, and more recently, in Portugal. He pointed out that Aspire Global is working on mainly regulated market even if the gray markets are profitable.

One of the main challenges that they had operating in a regulated market is that the company had to acquire so many licenses for a single product, according to Maimon.

“It is true, it is one of the most challenging things. When companies are saying, ok let’s go enter this market, they don’t know sometimes the work that the platform need to be dealt with, and the certification, and the development,” the Aspire Global CEO said. “So it takes up to a year to enter a market with a platform. This is the work that we did for six different jurisdictions and we see it as strength of our platform.”

Early this year, Aspire Global introduced its latest sports betting vertical at the ICE event in London.

“First of all we are the first platform provider that can provide a full turnkey solution for companies to operate on sport. So we are managing their day to day routine, not just providing the sport platform, but managing their operations, so support, VIP, fraud. This is one thing that is unique to Aspire,” Maimon said.

“The second is that we integrated a very unique tool just for us, exclusive for Aspire Global operators, which is the bet recommendation. So when a player is coming, he doesn’t need to know where to bet, we are recommending to him where to go, what are the best odds to play in, in order to have maximized his winnings. So this is something that we added recently,”  he added.