Paddy Power Betfair exclusion system goes high tech

Paddy Power Betfair exclusion system goes high tech

Excluding oneself from the services of Irish bookmaker Paddy Power Betfair is now as easy as clicking a button.

Paddy Power Betfair exclusion system goes high techPaddy Power has scrapped its current paper-based retail self-exclusion system as it implements a new electronic system for problem gamblers. Players who wanted to exclude themselves from gambling may now be able to do so using the bookmaker’s in-shop app, hosted on an Android or iOS tablet, according to the company.

The firm noted that the new app-based self-exclusion system was developed by Responsible Gambling Consultancy, a risk management solutions provider established in 2016, and passed the standards of the European Union‘s General Data Protection Regulations.

“We believe that this new process will make self-exclusion easier and quicker for our customers and hope that other retail betting-operators join us in providing this service,” Paddy Power managing director of retail David Newton said in a statement.

The Irish wagering firm said their new system is capable of storing a customer’s image and contact information, which is automatically distributed to up to 10 Paddy Power shops in their area. Paddy Power said the new system enables instant self-exclusion, so players will no longer have to wait until the shop staff finishes processing the request.

Before the new system was introduced, Paddy Power had been implementing the multi-operator self-exclusion scheme (Moses) for betting shop customers.

Results from an independent review of Moses in 2017 showed that the paper-based system achieved an 83 percent efficacy rate in terms of whittling down, if not stopping, the activity of problem gamblers.

Before rolling out the new system to the public, Paddy Power said that it was tested by all shops in the English county of Kent to determine its efficacy.

Paddy Power said the self-exclusion system will be made available to all betting operators. The company will also help in training, consultancy and anti-money laundering services. The group targets to roll out the new system to all of its shops in UK this June before introducing it to its Irish retail estate in 2018.