Arcangelo Lonoce: Italy is a big market full of very big players

Arcangelo Lonoce: Italy is a big market full of very big players

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Arcangelo Lonoce of Habanero discusses why Italy is the best place for operators to start a business expansion in Europe.

Expanding a business globally is no easy task. It is important for operators to study, determine, and understand their targeted markets and the market trends, as well as the competition.

For operators who are willing to test the European market, Arcangelo Lonoce of Habanero said that Italy is the best place to start their global business expansion.

Lonoce believe that Italy is strategically important for business expansion across the Western Europe because of the market size and its players. Habanero entered the Italian market after signing a deal to supply a full suite of certified games to SKS365, which operates the successful planetwin365 betting and gaming brand, according to Lonoce.

Italy is the main regulated market. It is a big market full of very big players and we are ready to target it from a compliance perspective. I believe Italy is important strategically in our vision, as a start to our vision to expand into the Western Europe,” Lonoce told “So, what we did was to certify 33 of our games to the Italian regulator’s market. We would keep on following that with around 20 more games in 2018. That makes us a supplier around 54 games, fully certified for Italy.”

Outside of Italy, Lonoce said there are also lots of opportunities in other European countries. He pointed out Habanero’s operations remain active in Bulgaria and Romania, where they have been certifying games and closed a few important agreements.

The Habanero executive said they plan to expand to either Gibraltar or Malta after establishing their presence in Italy. They are also eyeing the acquisition of suppliers’ licenses in UK and Spain.

In order to stand out in those markets, Lonoce said that they plan to offer games that are extremely attractive, with beautiful features, with lots of wonderful sounds, and visuals and animations.

“But first and foremost, we consider the mathematics as the main thing, and the game play element. On top of that, we use extremely easy interfaces that make the usability of the game very simple, very easy to the players,” Lonoce said. “We don’t like to distract players with exceptional different features and gimmicks that might actually take players out of the main focus. We all come from all operators and players background. We do make players for players effectively. On top of that, of course, operational excellence it means we integrate very quickly, we are very responsive.”