John O’Malia: AI is terrific for personalization

John O’Malia: AI is terrific for personalization

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, John O’Malia of VAIX.AI explains how artificial intelligence helps relate brands to players.

There is power in big data. Those who wield the most information usually end up the victor in a numbers game.

This is the reason why many gambling operators utilize big data analytics in order to manage their businesses and stay on top of the game. Like any other product, John O’Malia of VAIX.AI pointed out that gathering information and analyzing data are now evolving.

In the past, most data analytics focused only on hard data and ignored artificial intelligence (AI) natural language processing, according to O’Malia. But companies have started to adopt a more holistic approach that combines powerful AI data analysis with language.

“Back in the PartyGaming days, if casinos started to look a little bit of funny or data is starting to drift, I had to essentially walk down to the data sciences department, run a query and work through something with a big complex cube,” O’Malia told “But now, we are building agents so that data almost comes and speak to you. So you can speak to the data almost using natural language and really pull the insights out of it very intuitively.”

O’Malia said companies may use rich data to offer a more personalized experience, such as speaking to a customer instead of sending them generic e-mails.

In the case of VAIX.AI, O’Malia said they use content-generative marketing technology to fuse marketing data science with AI content generation to deeply connect with users.

“We like to find a way to speak to their existing preferences and the things they like to see, to wrap that in a more compelling offer,” the executive said. “That tends to be effective. That tends to lead to higher player engagement, and more turnover for the sportsbook and more fun for the player.”

The VAIX.AI founder also highlighted the importance of customer relationship management (CRM), which helps relate the company’s brand to the player and, in turn, become a better value to the company.

“We see CRM as a continuum, where you can go from a lot of manual bucketing-based things where you’re doing individual transactions that are saying, ‘let’s speak to these players this way or let’s speak to these players that way,’ and move into a space where the system knows the player so well that the CRM job becomes more creative,” O’Malia explained.

When asked how artificial intelligence is going to impact bookmaking, O’Malia said that it helps “protect the books’ economics a little bit,” while also making the books “more dynamic” for the players.

“We think it is terrific for personalization, and makes for a better gaming product. You see better games, more compelling offers straight from the beginning,” he said.