Yaniv Sherman: Experience is what makes players keep coming back

Yaniv Sherman: Experience is what makes players keep coming back

In this interview with CalvinAyre.com’s Becky Liggero, Yaniv Sherman of Dragonfish talks about the importance of personalization and what bingo operators must do to keep their players.

Many would think that brand loyalty is already dead, especially now that players have a lot of choices at their disposal. The truth of the matter is anything but.

The availability of wider choices have made players so fickle when it comes to games they support. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no chance that they will be loyal to brands.

Operators, however, should know that they really need to work harder to secure players’ loyalty.

Yaniv Sherman of 888 Holdings’ Dragonfish pointed out that most players are looking for familiarity of experience in games. The quality engagement that players get from the offering is what makes them come back to the brand.

“The players come back because they feel something familiar. Unlike online shopping or sports betting, it is a true social product. You need to maintain that experience for the player, that’s what keeps them coming back,” Sherman told CalvinAyre.com. “They want to check their friends. They want to play and have a good time as they do that. You need to make them feel at home, and we are surprised at how they notice every minor detail, if we move something, they will immediately notice it and ask why and you need to be mindful of that.”

To preserve player loyalty, Sherman pointed out that it is important for operators to listen to what the players want. He said that Dragonfish always consult the opinion of their loyal players by conducting surveys and interviews before they make any changes.

“It doesn’t mean that you’re not changing it but whatever you do, you need to make sure that your brand is synonymous to what they remember,” he said. “It’s like food, it is about memory.”

Sherman shared that the Dragonfish team has made sure that the move or transition from PC to mobile is done on a seamless basis as part of their company’s strategy to innovate and push the industry forward.

He said that they are also engaged in not just developing mobile propositions but also doing it on a 360 level over the past years.

“Also, it is very important, at the back of the house, the back office supports that. Because for operators, that’s their working tool. That’s the weapon we give them when they go out and compete. And we want to make sure that they have a 360 degree view of their players and the players themselves have a consistent experience. You need to make sure that you are in the top shelf of what players are looking for.”