BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried brings the “Technifying iGaming Tour 2017” to Germany

BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried brings the “Technifying iGaming Tour 2017” to Germany

After the great success of the company’s technology meetings in Romania, Hungary, Cyprus and recently in Italy, BtoBet is now proceeding with the next European Technology iGaming Tour 2017 in Berlin.

BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried brings the “Technifying iGaming Tour 2017” to GermanyIn Germany, Fried will provide exclusive learning-talks to operators wishing to discover effective strategies and technology to improve their service, boost player confidence and increase player lifetime values in the evolving digital environment.

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Commenting on today’s transformation of the player and the needs of the licensees, Fried highlighted:

“We are seeing the evolution of a complete experience for the player. And this process is organic and iterative, with each new player action providing even more data to be correctly analyzed and monitored, eventually contributing to an improved gaming experience. The manner in which platform providers acquire and manipulate data is a defining point of difference.”

Commenting on the Technifying iGaming Tour 2017- Berlin, Fried anticipated:

“In Berlin, operators will have the possibility to take part in exclusive learning-talks sessions to understand how they can interact seamlessly with contemporary, and all new devices that will become available on the market. They will see how to handle ever more content and be able to collect, in real time, data on the player activities through all the devices to improve the user experience.”

Operators willing to discover the company’s farsighted sportsbook and iGaming platform tech-tools, can book a meeting with Alessandro Fried by contacting BtoBet at [email protected].

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BtoBet is a pioneer in new technologies for iGaming operators and the betting industry by using technological intelligence as its main base for its products. It offers unique, customisable, secure and flexible cloud based systems delivering unprecedented capabilities to drive sportsbook and iGaming business. BtoBet has offices in Macedonia, Italy and Malta.  The Technical team of the company is in Skopje and has an ever-growing team of developers. BtoBet’s dynamic Sportsbook team operates from Rome, whilst Malta hosts the commercial and marketing centre.