Paris Smith: eSports fans want the right thing

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Pinnacle CEO Paris Smith shares her first-hand experience in an eSports tournament.

Decoding the millennial mindset is always a daunting task for many operators. Operators have to keep on guessing what this passionate and incredibly tech savvy demographic wants as they seek for their brand loyalty.

The good thing about this is that Millennials help revolutionize the customer expectation as a whole, according to Pinnacle CEO Paris Smith.

She pointed out that Millennials’ entitlement to exceptional quality for goods, services, and products drives operators to make their offerings to be on point and, most importantly, have the right product offering.

Smith said she have personally observed this behavior when she attended a recent eSports tournament.

“I went with the… from an invitation with PaySafe. It was a mind-boggling event I’ve ever seen. What it really did is it opened up my eyes to the demands of the millennials and the difference with the industry,” Smith told “They don’t want everything, they want the right thing. I think the reason why Pinnacle has been able to really be successful is our passion for eSports internally.”

Judging from the positive reception she received, Smith said that eSports fans have a high level of respect for the sportsbook. She said they were able to sway the players into using their offerings despite the lack of bonuses and the bells and whistles.

“We just have a product and that’s what they want. They want a good product that is easy to get through. But one thing that came from that was we are working on an eSports-only site,” Smith said. “I think, all the noise of all other sports, for them to get through that, and just get right to the eSports betting. I think that’s going to be a huge advantage. I think it will be much more appealing to them as well.”

Right now, Smith said that they are already preparing for their entry in the UK. While waiting for their license, Smith said that they are going to stick with their tried and tested formula of offering a strong product and right data and betting resources to stay competitive in a very saturated market.

“The plan is basically to provide the product that we have. We are not going to change our odds. We are not going to do bonuses,” she said. “I think that’s going to differentiate us and we’ve got a lot of feedback, a lot of interest. People are constantly e-mailing us, asking when are we going to be back in the market.“