Greatest poker player alive thinks Holz and co have too many flaws

Greatest poker player alive thinks Holz and co have too many flaws

Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu get into a Twitter spat over the former’s view that he is the #1 seed in any NLHE tournament, prompting the man to say Holz and co make too many mistakes.

Daniel Negreanu didn’t bag a new purple jacket at this year’s Poker Masters. He came close. And surely that means, Kid Poker still has it? Hasn’t time ossified his skills and reads ensuring he remains consistently above or on par with his peers?

I guess not. But credit where credit’s due, Kid Poker is humble, a word you would not slap on the baseball cap of Phil Hellmuth Jr.

The yin and yang of poker began bashing each other on Twitter after Negreanu told Poker Central reporters that Hellmuth was delusional to believe he should be the #1 seed when it comes to No-Limit Hold’em tournaments.

“Phil kind of lives in his own world.” Said Negreanu. 

Greatest poker player alive thinks Holz and co have too many flawsThe pair argued back and fore before Negreanu suggested that Hellmuth’s disrespect for this generation hurts his growth.

“I see too many flaws to concede they are better.” Said Hellmuth. 

Both players are talking about the fields in the recent Poker Masters where you have to be a mole rat not to see that the Germans, and the way they do business, is turning them into exceptional poker players.

Negreanu can see it.

Hellmuth can’t.

The fight spilt into a potential bet with Hellmuth wanting Negreanu to post a list of players who will still be around in 2024, to which Negreanu reminded him that they most likely would have won gazillions by then and moved on to more noble pursuits like trying to save the world.

But a list was drawn up.

It took Negreanu six minutes to break Hellmuth’s heart.

The long and the short of it is this.

There will be no bet. It’s not Hellmuth’s style. What you are witnessing – that’s Hellmuth’s style. I like the man, but the word delusional is very apt given this situation. But it’s that unwavering belief that he is the best that has made him the man he is today, and like it or not, has made poker more popular at the same time.

What is refreshing about this debate, is Negreanu’s realisation that his peers are better than him, and not slightly, but considerably. Negreanu will do what Negreanu does best. He will figure out how the best have risen through the ranks so quickly, emulate, and then try to improve.

Negreanu will see it as a challenge.

Hellmuth sees it as a promotional opportunity.

Please do, Shaun.

King of the Hill Returns 

Yes, as Shaun Deeb explains above, Poker Night in America has decided to host a second edition of the King of the Hill heads-up tournament that Phil Hellmuth won a few weeks back.

Doug Polk hosts the event streamed live on Twitch Oct 6 & 7 at the Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh.

Hellmuth gets to defend his title, with Shaun Deeb, Olivier Busquet, and Parker ‘Tonkaaaap’ Talbot looking to wrest it away from him.

As you know, I thought King of the Hill was a lazy attempt to drum up live stream interest with very little imagination. It seems like the second show will be the same as the first. So yes, I still hate it.

Hellmuth won the $200,000 winner takes all prize after beating Doug Polk in the semifinals before going on to beat Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates in the final.

PNIA will stream the action on a 30-minute delay. The semi-final action begins 6:30 pm & 9.30 pm (EST), and the final tables place at 6:30 pm (EST).

Here is the link.