Adam Cole: Start-ups need millennials on board

CAI Adam Cole

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Adam Cole of Football Index discusses how start-ups will be able to spread the word about their companies.

Companies, especially the newly established ones, have kept their eyes on millennials for the past years. One of the main reasons why they value millennials is due to the fact that they have the largest consumer base.

But millennials are more than just a cash cow. These individuals born in between 1980 and 2000 have the power to actually make up-and-coming companies become regular household names, thanks to their affinity for technology.

Unconsciously, they serve as brand ambassadors for companies as they share their experience with a certain product and offerings to other people through the different social media platforms.

Adam Cole of Football Index emphasize the role of millennials in helping start-ups like their company to market themselves to the public.

“You need millennials on board that really know and brought up in the digital world,” Cole told the “It is difficult. There’s so many platforms now and there are so many channels. You’ve got to know digital, and you have to know it inside out. It’s Instagram. It’s WhatsApp. It’s ChatBox. It’s a brave new world out there and it moves very quickly.”

Speaking of their company, Cole said that their company was conceptualized by his friend’s wife who found football to be boring. This, according to Cole, gave him the idea of jumping in the betting world in the form of celebrity stock market.

“Well, I was having a chatting with a friend’s wife over dinner and she’s a bit drunk, I have to say, she said ‘Oh, the footy is so boring, all these tedious companies. Us girls, we rather have a bit of Robbie Williams.’” Cole recalled. “I thought, wow that would be a brilliant idea if we could strip out British gas and replace it with celebrities. That we would be a lot more popular with a certain sector of punters.

Cole said they then shifted from celebrity stock market to football since there’s a huge gambling sector wrapped around the latter.

“It is not that long ago actually. We are in the 18-months old now but it has been going fantastically well and we are very happy with the results so far,” he said. “We decided that it is really important to do some above the line because it creates a lot of trust. It makes the product real. We’ve done some sponsorship. We’ve sponsored the UEFA. So instead of just being a digital property, people really know we are out there. Also for our existing users, they really get behind it and get very excited to see it.”