Kostandina Zafirovska: Artificial intelligence helps tailor fit gambling offerings

CAI Kostandina Zafirovska

In this interview with CalvinAyre.com’s Becky Liggero, Kostandina Zafirovska of BtoBet explains the role of artificial intelligence in providing a personalized gaming experience.

Technology has become a game changer in the gambling industry. It helps operators innovate their products, which results in quality revenue for them. Players also bask in the technological revolution as most offerings are now tailored to what they enjoy most.

Perhaps one of the notable technological changes in the gambling industry is the introduction of artificial intelligence. Combined with augmented reality, virtual reality, and recommendation engines, artificial intelligence breathes new life into the gaming experience.

Kostandina Zafirovska of BToBet pointed out that gaming technology providers have created more personalized offerings with artificial intelligence and recommendation engine.

“It is very easy because working long years in technology, working with different industries, these technology trends are massively adapted and well integrated in the big systems, especially in the finance industry. So it is easy to reflect that experience into gaming,” Zafirovska told CalvinAyre.com. “Having artificial intelligence incorporated in the gaming platform with the combination of augmented reality, virtual reality, and recommendation engine, really tailors different offers for the players and saves a lot of money for operators in a way that we like to give some new experience, and new expectations to be brought in the market for the players and to change a bit and drive a different gaming experience. More exciting and more personalized.”

Personalized offerings, according to Zafirovska, are now possible thanks to the availability of user data collected when a player enters a platform.

Zafirovska noted that the collected data helps them tailor fit offerings the players want. Sifting through a player’s history data will give operators sufficient idea on what offerings will be recommended.

“Also, depending on how they moved on the platform and how much money they are depositing, how much they are withdrawing, what gaming experience they are sharing with us on the platform, then we can tailor well segmented offer for them,” she explained. “This means, we are not granting 100 euro for deposit for all players but we are selecting those that are really specified need for that, those that can be rewarded for that based on their experience on how they are actually using the money depositing in our platform.”

In the future, Zafirovska predicts that more operators will embrace the use of artificial intelligence as they look for ways to reduce costs for their operations and at the same time increase their revenues.

“It’s very interesting. What we are doing now with artificial intelligence is just the beginning. There are many new things we can do. We can help operators resize their teams by machine learning of giving them support by virtual assistance.”