Ignition to offer online casino and poker games in Australia

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The Costa Rican-based Ignition Casino is set to provide the Australian market online casino and poker games, months after the Australian parliament banned online gambling as part of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016.

Pruno is an alcoholic brew that prisoners make out of apples, ketchup, bread, and all manner of kitchen crap that they can gather up during potato peeling duty, and it goes to show that you can put people behind bars and they will still manage to get their mitts on what they want.

Online poker is the same.

In many parts of the world, online poker is dead, hunted down by archaic lawmakers armed with bows, arrows, and a deadly aim. But it isn’t exactly dead. Like Pruno producers, there is always a way.

Ignition to offer online casino and poker games in AustraliaTake the people who have kangaroos rifling through their trash. In March, people with overextended credit cards had fewer things to spend other people’s money on when Australia’s federal parliament gave the thumbs up to stargazers intent on banning online gambling.

Fun destroying lawmakers added the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 to the jukebox, and it’s the only tune that will be playing for the foreseeable future. Amongst the lyrics are wording that bans in-play betting of any kind. Those blind to the ins and outs of online poker believe that betting on flops, turns, and rivers constitute in-play betting and promptly banned our beloved game.

It was a nightmare for both professional and amateur players alike, as they could do nothing except check out the tight derrieres of the parting giants of the online poker market, hoping that they would one day get another feel.

Speaking in the aftermath of parliament’s 22-caliber shotgun wound to the head of online poker, Senator David Leyonhjelm, the most vocal supporter of online poker in the house, told Australian poker players to screw the government get yourself a VPN and an offshore account and carry on as you were.

It seems people were listening.

Ignition Casino & Poker Room Moves Into Australia

According to PokerNewsReport, as the major online poker rooms begin packing their furniture, and moving to pastures news, Ignition Casino & Poker Room are installing the foldout couch.

The poker news site said the Costa Rica-based online gambling company, who acquired Bovada’s poker business in August 2016, will offer Australians a poker game, and also vowed to share liquidity with their players operating in the USA.

Unafraid of the greyness of the market in both populated regions, Ignition features the anonymous recreational player model and will offer a broad range of cash games, tournaments, Sit n Go’s. The site is even cryptocurrency enabled with Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals welcome.

It might be risky.

It might be disastrous.

But just like Pruno, many people will settle for anything, until something better turns up.


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