Vermantia launch eSports betting partnership with PvPRO Gaming

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Vermantia Immersive Gaming has joined eSports betting community after entering into a collaboration with the eSports tournament and gaming platform PvPRO Gaming.

I was talking to my mate the other day when he told me of a recent win on the horses. He knows a man, who knows a man, who knows a trainer, who knows when horses are going to win or not. He gets this red hot tip and tells all of his mates about it (except me).

Now, he’s not a gambling man, but it’s a red hot tip, right. He talks his wife into allowing him to put £100 at odds of 10/1 and it comes in.

“Your heart must have been trying to jump out of your ribs,” I said.Vermantia launch eSports betting partnership with PvPRO Gaming

“Oh…I didn’t watch it,” my mate replied.

Placing a bet and then not watching the action unfold is like being the sucker wearing the blindfold in an orgy.

And this is where Vermantia Immersive Gaming come in.

They know nothing about orgies, but when it comes to amalgamating the betting experience with the viewing experience, they are on point.

The Athens-based outfit has been cranking out gambling content since 2007. Vermantia specialises in omnichannel platforms across retail, desktop, and mobile lines. They are the Daddy when it comes to virtual betting with action on speedway, tennis, football, baseball horse racing, cycling, boxing, and tiddlywinks.

They also operate a live betting channel featuring over 15,000 different sports on an annual basis as well as offering an exclusive collection of Instant Win Scratch and Sniff type games.

They have over 70+ employees, operate in over 30 different countries, and most recently partnered with PvPRO Gaming to enter the eSports betting market.

Vermantia eSports is a complete betting solution available across retail, online and mobile. Interested punters will be able to select from hundreds of pre-match bets for online battles, as well as live tournaments.

The current focus is on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) with plans to move into other popular eSports after feeling the temperature of their new paddling pool. Odds are calculated based on data taken from a million eSports games logged per month.

PvPRO Gaming is an eSports platform that enables the creation of online tournaments and heads-up matches in a variety of eSports.

And you’re in luck because I know a man, who knows a man, who knows a guy working in ICE Totally Gaming who told me, if you want to learn more about Vermentia’s new eSports venture, then that’s where they will be 7-9 February.


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