ICE Totally Gaming: Why the industry is gambling on blockchain

ICE Totally Gaming: Why the industry is gambling on blockchain

What is going to be the impact of blockchain on the gambling industry?

ICE Totally Gaming: Why the industry is gambling on blockchainThat is one of the questions that will be asked at the upcoming ICE Totally Gaming 2017 conference. Cryptocurrencies are heavily integrated into various aspects of the online gambling industry, and 2016 saw the traditional online gambling industry start to adopt the digital cash system.

Even online gambling pioneer Calvin Ayre is bullish on the adoption of popular digital currency bitcoin.

“Mark my words: Bitcoin is eventually going to eat the whole global online gambling industry and the first courses of this meal are already being digested. Quite apart from liberating gambling sites from the anti-competitive dictates of government-imposed payment blocking, the blockchain technology underpinning Bitcoin is rapidly making the role of gaming regulators obsolete,” wrote Ayre.

Yes, bitcoin is growing in popularity, but it’s actually blockchain—the underlying technology—that is tipped to be the biggest game changer in the industry.

“Think of it: with the blockchain documenting every financial transaction, spin of a roulette wheel and roll of the dice, gamblers can act as their own regulators, with any examples of shady behavior on full display for all the world to see and market forces punishing any operator stupid enough to think they can get away with it,” Ayre pointed out.

At ICE 2017, which will run from Feb. 7 to 9 at ExCel London, a panel of experts including Chain-Finance journalist Matthew Warner, Diacle director Adam Vaziri, Coinsilium CEO Eddy Travia, and Loyra Abogados associate Patricia Lalanda Ordonez will discuss the evolution of blockchain and its impact on the gambling industry.

The session, according to organizer GamCrowd, will provide “an overview and genuine insight first, into what blockchain actually is and what it represents in terms of the opportunities and disruption across many sectors, and second, gives ideas of how it might affect the gambling sector.”

Aside from Coinsilium, representatives from turnkey agency CoinPoint will also take part in ICE 2017 and London Affiliate Conference 2017, which will also take place in the same venue as ICE, to discuss the value of using bitcoin. CoinPoint also plans to give out a free bitcoin to a lucky participant at the upcoming ASEAN Gaming show in Manila. will be on hand to film the draw.