Fili Wiese: Google is not against link building

Fili Wiese: Google is not against link building

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Fili Wiese of explains how gambling affiliates can build links without having their Google rankings killed in the process.

Getting at top of the Google rankings is something that all companies aspire for. It translates to more web traffic and more online views, which lead to an increased profit. But reaching the top is easier said than done – just ask many gambling affiliates that have tried but have seen their rankings fall from the face of the Earth.

Many affiliates attribute the downfall of their google rankings to their decision to get traffic links, which they believe will help them get more exposure in the cyberspace. But Fili Wiese of believes that these affiliates maybe barking at the wrong tree.

Wiese, who was a former employee of Google, pointed out that Google is not against link building. What Google doesn’t want, according to Wiese, is building links for the sake of passing and manipulating page rank and impacting ranking.

“Google really focuses on users. It’s not out to penalize you. If they penalize you, it’s primarily because your website was maybe one in a dozen or did not add enough value for the users for a certain queries. You use signals like Google goth or you were using manipulative techniques to rank higher,” he told “If you want to get out of it, you need to fix the problem. You need to solve it, and then basically file for reconsideration request with the team and after you solved it. I would recommend not to do it again afterwards because google does have a memory.”

To ensure that they are not violating rules that Google has set, Wiese said affiliates can always keep a close eye on Google Webmaster guidelines and the Google Webmaster blog. He also advices affiliates to give people a positive experience with their brands so that they will go straight to their respective websites.

“You have to ask yourself – and this is the question I’m going to put forward to you users – why do you want to rank high in Google?  And most of the time, the answer is because I want to traffic. And why do you want to traffic? Because that’s how I get my conversions,” Wiese said. “The good news is, if you follow this strategy that Google picks up on this and will see your site as actually being a relevant source for user.”

He also suggested that affiliates should provide a unique value and sales proposition to their users.

“If you are an affiliate website, you need to focus on what sets you apart from the rest of them. You need to have something unique, because otherwise, why would they have to come to you,” he said.  “It’s basis to every business. It doesn’t matter if it’s affiliate or not. Every business needs to know what sets them apart, what is the unique thing they offer, compared to everyone else in the industry.”