The Bank of Timex returns in the form of PokerShares

The Bank of Timex returns in the form of PokerShares

The Bank of Timex is back after a facelift as Mike McDonald promises to offer the poker community odds on any poker bet they fancy with PokerShares.

The Bank of Timex returns in the form of PokerSharesThree years after the walls of the Bank of Timex came crashing down amid concern about growing too quickly, too fast and drawing the attention of American legal eagles; Mike McDonald is back providing value for people looking to bet on poker.

The Bank of Timex began because McDonald thought the practice of pros selling their action for absurdly high, and often inaccurate mark-ups, was ‘stupid.’ The former European Poker Tour (EPT) Player of the Year and reigning Global Poker League (GPL) champion still holds that view, and he is back to do something about it.

McDonald has launched PokerShares; a site deemed the ‘go-to platform for betting on all things poker.’

Speaking of the launch McDonald said:

“The poker investment economy is scary for buyers. The most desirable horses are generally well outside the buyer’s network. Sellers pick whatever rates they want and sell even if the vast majority of buyers think they’re unfair. Plus, the buyer has to trust they are going to be paid.”

The new site is in beta mode. You will need to supply a utility bill and a form of identification to register for an account. PokerShares currently operates in euros but will add more currency options in the future. Players based in America are shit out of luck.

The feedback on social media has been very supportive.

It even passed the Jason Mo litmus test

Brandon Adams thinks it’s the biggest poker story in a long while

Sunday Million; PokerStars Championships; AI v Humans

The current betting options allow you to get in on the action on the PokerStars Sunday Million and Sunday Supersonic. There are also a ton of betting options for the inaugural PokerStars Championships in the Bahamas. And there are even novelty bets such as odds on the Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Upping The Ante event in Rivers Casino with a €100 bet on the humans netting you a €30 profit with odds of 1.30. And a line on the Cate Hall v Mike Dentale bet with Cate Hall currently the favourite 1.75 v 2.25.

The thing that will set PokerShares apart will be their unique ‘request a bet’ feature. McDonald has promised that PokerShares will be the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all things poker betting and he is a man of his word. The new feature allows you to ask the PokerShares team to give you a price on any bet in poker and they will provide the action you desire.

Mike McDonald isn’t the only poker player offering value to poker players in the gambling space. The Welsh all-time live tournament money earner, Roberto Romanello, recently launched betclever, a sports betting odds comparison app that provides punters with the best available price within five seconds of enquiry.

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