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I am completely head over heels in love with the iGaming industry because of the outstanding professionals who work within it. I’m not a gambler, nor do I have a background in journalism, but I do have a degree in psychology and an endless passion for people.  Its for these very reasons that I am uniquely drawn towards one of’s newest video series, “Shared Experiences”.

Becky’s Affiliated: Why you should watch Shared ExperiencesThe Shared Experiences series consists of one-minute videos featuring industry leaders answering a question regarding management strategy, cultivating innovation, personal growth and more.  This series has nothing to do with gambling and everything to do with inspiring us as viewers.

I am honored know personally all of our Shared Experiences contributors thus far and would like to encourage you to recommend others, even if they are outside of the gambling realm.  In the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to the series and each of our contributors, I hope you enjoy these Shared Experiences as much as I do.

Andy McIver, CEO, Intertain Group Ltd

Andy McIver served as the CEO of SportingBet for 11.5 years and is greatly respected for his contributions and leadership during this tenure.  Since his time with SportingBet, McIver has made several appearances at iGaming events such as EiG and has earned a reputation of being approachable, friendly, witty and inspirational.

McIver has a rich background in finance and banking, formerly holding finance positions with companies such as House of Fraser, Ladbrokes and Signet PLC and now serving as the CEO of Intertain Group.

Watch Andy McIver’s latest Shared Experiences:

What do you do to ensure you develop as a leader

What is one characteristic every leader should possess

What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today

How to keep an organization aligned with its core values  

Hussein Chahine, Founder & CEO, Yazino

I first met Hussein Chahine at an iGaming conference, I believe it was GiGSe 2015 and I was drawn to him immediately.  Our conversation quickly progressed from pleasantries to something real and I walked away from it with guidance on how to improve my life, both mentally and physically.

Chahine has a degree in mathematics and computing, yet he also possesses the characteristics of an inspiring leader, tech investor and entrepreneur.  He founded Yazino in 2009, founded Signature Technologies in 2003 and continues to generate new ideas on a regular basis.

When we decided to launch Shared Experiences here at, Chahine was the first person I thought of and he actually answered all of the questions you see here today off the top of his head.

Watch Hussein Chahine’s latest Shared Experiences:

How do you deal with the fear of failure

How do you choose the best talent

When is the right time to walk away from an idea

When starting a new business, what’s the first role you hire

Ros Wade, Managing Director, Asia Gambling Brief

Also known as “The Queen of Asia” when it comes to iGaming, Ros Wade has succeeded in building a rock-solid foundation in the coveted world of Asia gaming contacts and expertise.  She served as the General Manager for Beacon Events, the conference organizer behind iGaming Asia Congress, for six years and Co-Founded Asia Gambling Brief, a popular Asian facing industry publication and events company launched three and a half years ago.

One of the traits that makes Wade so special is her way with people.  Wade treats everyone- clients, contacts, friends, strangers- with an enormous amount of respect and patience.  I’ve observed Wade develop as a leader over the past decade and she now serves as one of the leading experts in the Asian gambling marketplace.

Watch Ros Wade’s latest Shared Experiences:

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received

When you were 21, what did you imagine you’d be doing

What are the challenges a woman faces in this industry

Joe Pisano, CEO, JADE Entertainment and Gaming

Another leading expert in the Asia gambling marketplace is Joe Pisano, CEO of JADE Entertainment and Gaming.  Prior to his six and a half years with JADE, Pisano served as IGT’s New Business Development Asia for four years.

We at keep in close touch with Pisano as he’s a wonderful resource when it comes to anything Asia and also because he’s just a lovely person.  His gentle and friendly nature is what makes this leader stand out and of course his years of experience in a market many of us have trouble understanding and therefore little chance of cracking.

Watch Joe Pisano’s latest Shared Experiences:

What is the true measure of life success

What is the greatest fear you’ve overcome

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it

What is the best advice you’ve ever received

John English, President, WEBE Gaming

John English has been working in the gambling industry since 1980, initially as the President and CEO of American Canadian Lottery Association, followed by a career of global business development for the gaming industry.  His expertise lies in regulated sports betting and the Las Vegas casino industry, yet English finds himself in Asia quite a bit as well.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have met this vivacious character, we know of his magnetic personality and passion for cars, sports memorabilia, watches and guns.  In fact, I had the pleasure of interviewing English at iGaming North America 2016 about his passions outside of the industry, one of the most fun and popular interviews I’ve ever conducted.

Watch John English’s latest Shared Experiences:

What are the challenges that leaders are facing in the gaming industry

What is your fondest moment starting out in this industry

Mark Blandford, Partner, Burlywood Capital

There are very few in the iGaming world who have not heard of the legendary Mark Blandford, one of the kindest and most approachable professionals in our world at such a senior level.

A serial entrepreneur, Blandford is the founder of SportingBet and served as the organization’s Executive Director for ten years.  Since then, Blandford has moved to investment and advising, in particular Pay2Play businesses and is also a big believer in the potential of Blockchain Technology, a subject I had the pleasure of interviewing him about.

Watch Mark Blandford’s latest Shared Experiences:

How to encourage creative thinking in an organization.


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