Bitcoin Gambling Guide Builds Solid Reputation with 500 Reviews and Improved Services

Bitcoin Gambling Guide, the no. 1 source for Bitcoin gambling, strengthens its services with 500 reviews and improved complaint system and ranking mechanism.

Sydney, Australia—Bitcoin Gambling Guide takes steps forward with upgraded content, player support, and other services. The top Bitcoin gambling review and news site positively impacts the industry through its constantly improving services since the revamp in Q4 2015.

Bitcoin Gambling Guide Builds Solid Reputation with 500 Reviews and Improved Services The three years of operation equips the Bitcoin Gambling Guide team to pinpoint effective ways to fully engage players and provide them with quality assistance and information. BitcoinGG achieves this by expanding its roster of casino and game reviews, as well as developing on-site functions for complaints, ranking, and more.

“BitcoinGG has always been at the forefront in terms of content and value. We’re dedicated to delivering relevant info to create interactive relationships among the players,” said Chris Evans, Business Development Manager at Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

BitcoinGG already has 500 reviews of Bitcoin casinos and online slots, but more can be expected. With the increasing popularity of Bitcoin not just in the cryptocurrency world but also in the real-money iGaming sector, BitcoinGG’s job has just started.

Hundreds more reviews will grace the Bitcoin Gambling Guide website, which will further mold its services to better benefit all parties involved in the rise of Bitcoin gambling.

Going hand-in-hand with the reviews is BitcoinGG’s own ranking mechanism. It is powered by set parameters that gauge the brand’s capability for the following: to cater to players’ concerns, to provide high-quality gaming, and to ensure effective payment methods, among others. Operators working with BitcoinGG team know that by submitting bonuses, editing their review and uploading quality images, they affect the ranking of their brands.

BitcoinGG’s ranking feature enables players to easily see which Bitcoin gambling sites are earning the industry’s trust. Even better is the power the players have in sharing their experiences with the brands and therefore influencing how certain brands perform against the others.

Filing complaints on selected brands is another feature the players can make the most of on Bitcoin Gambling Guide. BitcoinGG’s file-a-complaint system gives players a channel to voice out their problems and issues—things that some brands do neglect.

BitcoinGG understands the anonymity from both the players’ and the operators’ ends. This pushes the team to formulate a mechanism to bring the players’ concerns closer to the casinos, while also helping both parties arrive at a resolution.

The BitcoinGG team gives prime importance on players’ welfare in the Bitcoin gambling industry. Its file-a-complaint system makes this possible for a more harmonious gambling landscape with Bitcoin.

It is through these services that Bitcoin Gambling Guide prides itself on. By consistently producing high-quality content and services, as well as ensuring a dynamic Bitcoin gambling community, BitcoinGG further makes a mark in the industry.

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