Nigel Birrell: Entice Millennials with Fresh Online Lottery Offerings

Entice millennials with fresh lottery offerings

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Nigel Birrell of Lottoland tells us lottery operators can lure millennials into playing the game.

Most companies see millennials as a puzzle that needs to be deciphered since its a generation that is hard to please. Their short attention span and carefree nature makes it hard for them to stick and be loyal to a product.

They are a generation where connection matters and thus firms are always coming up ways to speak to them and tell them stories of how and why they should care.

Nigel Birrell of Lottoland said it has always been a challenge for lottery operators to lure the millennial generation to play the lottery, which is one of the oldest forms of gambling.

To connect to millennials, he pointed out that lottery operators should always offer fresh enticing online lottery products. Birrell said Lottoland had been coming up with innovative products that will pique the interest of the millennials.

One of the products they rolled out in New York, according to Birrell, was Cash For Life, which entices millennials of  $1,000 a day winnings for life jackpot.

“That might be interesting to a younger generation. But really it is driven by jackpots. I wouldn’t mind winning $10 million but that seems boring for young people these days. When the big $100 million comes out that’s when we see traffic,” Birrell told “ Young guys do get engaged by that. In Australia, for instance, in January this year when the US powerball was up, we signed 250,000 Australians, many of that are young people. They want to have their chance to change their lives.”

Birrell said that the lottery industry has lots of opportunities to offer, especially since there are a few companies that caters to the numbers gam. One of the untapped opportunities that he sees is lottery tourism.

“People are a constrained by national barriers. There’s a great story of guy in Southern Austria driving over Germany to get their tickets cause there are bigger winning on the lottery,” he said. “What you are going to do is try to offering those tickets to people around the world to play lottery in different places.I t is just a very simple idea and I’m very excited to be a part of a company that is trying to do that.”

When asked whether the Brexit has impact on Lottoland’s decision to stay in Gibraltar, Nigel said that it is too early to see how it will affect the company in the future.

He added that it will take an estimated two to three years before the impact of Brexit will be felt by gambling companies in Gibraltar.

“So there are no any real reason not to be in Gibraltar if there’s no agreement between Britain and that country or that country doesn’t have its own license regime. Which, in this case, might have another license in another territory that allows us to do that. I’m not sure if there are any other countries,” he said. “But why stay in Gibraltar? Gibraltar has been good to us. This where we are born. This is our home, and we’ve grown up here. We didn’t move to gibraltar from somewhere else. We have 160 people who liked it there. Gibraltar gaming regulation is very sound.  It has all the blue chip companies there. Gibraltar taxes are pretty low, the corporate and individual taxes are low, there is no real reason to leave.”