Product Profile – Affinio

Product Profile - Affinio

In this interview with’s Rebecca Liggero, Philip Macartney of Affinio explains how operators can successfully build and establish their own brands

For budding operators, entering the gambling industry is like going to a social ball for the very first time. They find themselves asking themselves “how do I stand out” in a sea of established competitors offering the same kind of product. To capture the target market’s attention, be able to convert those leads and start growing some real revenue, operators need to establish their brands. It is a given fact that in any businesses that branding is fundamental since it builds incredible value for companies and corporations.  Take a look at the case of casino mogul, Steve Wynn. In essence, Wynn is a common surname. But branding made Wynn’s surname valuable. Philip Macartney of Affinio said operators should try develop a brand that resonates with the people that originally resonated from them. “What we are able to do is let’s see the people that are following back you right now, that organically followed you, and have wanted to be a part of your journey,” he told “And we can reverse flow that information back to help your brand team say “this is the angle you should take, this is the methodology you take, this is the way you should speak to the people- sarcastic, funny whatever it is, there’s your brand.” Macartney pointed out that their company helps businesses determine and establish their brand by looking at their audiences and understand them by their passions. “Affinio is going to understand what is important to that audience. But it’s not just that they follow something or it’s not just if they liked once or talked about it once. We understand their whole social graph,” Macartney said. “One of the good things about us launching into this industry is about us now looking at first party dealer and exploring all of the opportunities available with this industry.” According to Macartney, they use different social platforms – such as facebook and twitter – when they are gathering their data about a company’s audience. Macartney said twitter remains to be the best place for data gathering while Pinterest is the most underused platform. “Twitter still remains the first one that I advice our clients to go to because it is like a sponge, it takes in everything. It takes everything that you follow and it is unencumbered by algorithms, it is unencumbered by demographics,” he said. “It is just really a content and what the things you like. So it brings all that in and we are able to ring the sponge and show you everything that is going on there.”