MGM boss switches sides, gives landmark endorsement to Hillary Clinton

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MGM chairman and CEO Jim Murren is crossing the aisle for his country.

A lifelong registered Republican, Murren is known for not making public endorsements in the past elections, especially at the presidential level. But the Vegas executive is putting his party aside—for now—and announces he’s making his first ever public endorsement of a presidential nominee, and that’s Hillary Clinton.

In an op-ed piece in USA Today, Murren listed the reasons why it was an easy decision for him to back the Democrats’ nominee over his own party’s Donald Trump.

MGM boss switches sides, gives landmark endorsement to Hillary Clinton“I believe that few presidential candidates are as prepared for the job as Clinton,” Murren wrote. “I speak from the personal experience of being with her in a room, working on issues in real time. Each time I have met with her to discuss complicated matters such as trade and energy policy, I have been incredibly impressed by her knowledge, command of the facts and solution-oriented approach.”

Clinton, he said, will champion women and minorities “as essential contributors” to the country’s economy. The U.S. gaming sector, in particular, is made up of 48 percent minorities and 45 percent women, according to American Gaming Association figures.

Trade is also an important element for casino executive, who is in favor of “strong economic growth and policies.” The executive lauded Clinton’s pledge to support trade agreements, while also berating “the other candidate” operating “erratically and unpredictably.”

“The other candidate seems determined to needlessly antagonize our allies and trading partners by pledging to tear up NAFTA and other hard-won trade agreements,” Murren said. “One candidate works to create stability and certainty, qualities the market loves and rewards. The other operates erratically and unpredictably—qualities the market abhors and punishes.”

Murren is the latest addition to the group of business leaders endorsing Clinton, who is looking to undermine the appeal that Trump’s business background holds for some voters. And he hinted that he’s not the last.

“There’s a reason why so many of America’s CEOs, including many longtime Republicans, will be switching sides in this election,” Murren said. “We’re all looking for the candidate who will promote economic growth through greater trade; embrace diversity and inclusion as one of America’s greatest strengths; and advance policies that encourage energy independence and environmental protection.”


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