Elevator Pitch – Highlight Games

HighLight Games Pitch

In this one-minute elevator pitch with CalvinAyre.com, Tim Green of Highlight Games explains why Flashback Footy marks the new generation of virtual play.

Not to sound trite or anything, but there’s no question that technology is changing the way we play games—and the gambling industry is scrambling to keep up with the new trends. For instance, online games today were a far cry from what they were several years ago, especially when technology has yet to go virtual. Now, the existing virtual games market is buoyant, generating an estimated €3 billion ($3.35 million) in 2014 alone. Huge amounts of money are being spent in the virtual games market as operators deploy cartoon animation graphics to achieve lifelike images on the screen. What’s missing, however, is the element of reality. And it’s the very thing that Highlight Games wants to have a crack at with the launch of a new instant play sports game. “We’ve created Flashback Footy, an instant play sports game using real footage played on the mobile or online, and retail. Our concept is unique and IP protected,” Highlight Games’ Tim Green told CalvinAyre.com during the iGaming Entrepreneur Conference last November. The game is addressing what players want to see: real players and real teams with real commentary. “Comparing our product with the existing virtual product, our game uses real players, real teams, and real commentary, giving a real entertainment piece [and] allowing players a flashback play experience,” Green said, noting that players can bet on the outcome of the events created in exactly the same way as sportsbook players bet on live games. Flashback Footy was launched in the UK with a Tier 1 bookmaker in the first quarter of 2016. Highlight Games plans to follow this with launch in Italy and China, and also secure other deals with gaming partners around the world. Formed in 2014, Highlight Games is both a game developer and media acquisition company targeting online/mobile and retail gaming within the global sports betting market. Highlight’s programs are applicable to all gaming verticals—retail/FOBT, slots, VLT, and virtual around the world. Are you an iGaming entrepreneur or company looking for an investment? Submit your ideas to CalvinAyre.com Ventures.