Highlight Games announces executive restructuring moves


On January 27, it was announced that Highlight Games Ltd (HGL) has undergone a series of restructuring moves with their senior management team. These moves will take effect immediately.

As part of the restructuring, Tim Green steps down as the chief executive officer at the virtual sports supplier. In the interim, general counsel Steven Holmes and company director Nick Gardiner will serve as his replacement.

highlight-games-announces-executive-restructuring-movesThe move was a bit of a surprise. Green was the founder of the company, starting it in 2014. He had served as the chief operation officer at Cozy Games prior to founding Highlight Games. He also served as the vice-president at Lottery Dynamics.

While a major turnover, Holmes and Gardiner come highly qualified to run the company while a replacement if found. Holmes has spent the last two years serving as the general counsel. Prior to coming to Highlight Games, he was the chief legal officer at both BH2 consulting and Inspired Gaming Group.

Gardiner became the director at Highlight Games in November 2017. He had been the sales director at Sportradar for two years prior to coming to HGL.

In a statement, Gardiner and Holmes assured investors and shareholders that the company would continue to strive for success. “Highlight Games is a business with huge potential, and we look forward to building on the success which Tim has initiated over the past five years. Together we bring a breadth of commercial and operational experience to the CEO role and are committed to steering the company into a new phase of growth.”

In the joint statement, they also thanked the former CEO for his commitment to the company. “We thank Tim for his commitment to the business and wish him every success in the future.”

No statement was issued as to why Green was stepping down from his position. He has played an integral role in turning this into one of the most successful virtual gaming companies on the planet.

In June 2019, HGL signed an agreement with the NBA and its players’ association to become the first company to offer a virtual sports game based on the NBA. At the time, the NBA hailed this as a great move for HGL and the league. In a statement by Scott Kaufman-Ross, Head of Fantasy and Gaming, he explained, “Virtual sports betting is incredibly popular in regions around the world and we’re looking forward to giving fans another innovative way to engage with the NBA.”