Five simple considerations to improve your online casino’s product positioning

Five simple considerations to improve your online casino’s product positioning

This is a guest contribution by Christopher Hirst, COO of FAST TRACK Solutions. If you would like to submit a contribution please contact Bill Beatty for submission details. Thank you.

Five simple considerations to improve your online casino's product positioningWith the constantly expanding provider & games list to choose from, deciding where to position & how to display your online casino game content is a common strategic conundrum you can face as a casino operator. Below are some basic tips to help you.

1. Order Your Content Effectively

Prioritise your content according to market and player. Big Joker 2000 might perform exceptionally well in Norway, but might not achieve great results in other markets. Understand what works in what market and make sure you prioritise your content onsite accordingly.

Your casino site is your shop window. When a clothing store gets the upcoming seasons batch of stock, they don’t position it at the back of the store and they don’t call the last season of stock ‘New’. Make sure your site is consistently up to date with the right content labelled in the right way.

Work closer with your providers! They are fighting a war, a war of positioning. This is a major benefit to operators. Your shop window has a tremendous amount of value to providers, they’re consistently producing content in an attempt to grab that top spot positioning, speak to them and look for above the fold deals.

2. Recommend Games

Recommending relevant casino content to your players can be extremely valuable. Netflix, like online casino’s have to manage a lot of content, not all of which will be relevant to the user. They’re constantly working on improving their recommendation algorithm to make sure they can provide relevant content to the user at the relevant time. Netflix state that today 75% of all viewer activity is being driven by their recommendation engine.

Begin tagging user behavior through different game themes, game features, game lines, low/high volatile etc. and start recommending games.

3. Mobile

Mobile growth has been phenomenal within online casino over the last few years. As a rule of thumb your mobile offering should be equating to roughly 40% of your total casino revenues.

Mobile is often viewed as an increased accessibility point for continuation of experience. However, in certain markets It’s now also becoming increasingly common that mobile is a primary starting point of your player’s experience.

With this in mind ensure that your desktop games are also available on mobile, especially if it’s a game you’re promoting. Challenge yourself to create a promotional plan for mobile only and target desktop players. For every player you convert from desktop only to multichannel, you can often gain 100% increase in ARPU.

4. Live Casino

Still the most underrated product in your portfolio today. If you are not generating 15-25% of your Casino revenue in Live Casino, then you have some work to do. Live Casino is slowly creeping into the spotlight and it’s becoming increasingly harder to ignore. If you haven’t already got Live Casino, you need to. If you have got it, try to follow the below steps:

  • Match your suppliers with your player’s expectations. One example is localised language tables; they can perform twice as well as English.
  • Mobile is a must, and can represent upwards of 40% of your total Live revenues with the right product in place.
  • Take some time on how you position your Live Casino content, specifically if you have more than one supplier. You want to create a simple experience not a confusing one. Ask your suppliers to help you with this by providing real time data, use this data to show table occupancy and key stats, this will help the player chose their preferred game and enable you to effectively one click launch your live content.
  • Slots players are adapting to Live. However, there’s also an abundance of VIP’s out there that are Live only, this is predominantly down to the level of increase trust VIP’s have when it comes to Live. Focus on a separate marketing strategy for Live players too.
  • If you run promotions in Live Casino, run them in game. Your players are playing for the thrill and excitement, capitalise on this by integrating your promotions into gameplay. Work with your live products and they will work for you.


5. Promote Correctly

Whether it’s a new game release or a promotion, it can be great to keep the promotional calendar busy, but most of all keep it relevant and make sure it works. There’s nothing worse than offering 50+ promotions per month with broken links, poor T’s & C’s and slow pay-outs. Start by doing 1 campaign, make sure it works (that includes analysing the success & listening to your player’s feedback), and build up from there.